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This page has had many adaptations over the years. Being a sex trafficking survivor myself I've learned that the system is often times more harmful and revictimizes survivors more than it helps. I believe this is due to an egregious lack of training, resources, and organization of the current sex trafficking victims assistance system. The goal of this page is to support survivors, to train law enforcement from a victim's perspective, and to shed a light on an epidemic that happens in every neighborhood in the country. 

About Us

The Nightshade Collective was spearheaded in 2014 by a core group of women from across the world in search of safety and sanctuary after human trafficking experiences.

From 2014 to Present day, the Collective has evolved to serve the communities around us by ’doing instead of saying’, as is our motto. The collective seeks to support, and teach, and inspire by doing, and serve by living as a mindful example to all.

We are a healing community of like-minded women that enjoy helping other women thrive in safety, and support, while they empower themselves.

Trigger Warning & Disclaimer

Disclaimer for The Nightshade Collective website and blog

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A note from the founder and a fellow survivor

I know from personal experience. The never-ending run around, The incessant phone call tag. The desperate calls for help only to be given another list of numbers to call. The police who do not have the training to recognize the difference between a victim/survivor and the criminals our traffickers make us out to be and sometimes even force us to be. Our families abandon us, our churches abandon us, coworkers, those we considered friends.... The support of those that we as survivors are supposed to be able to trust and rely on is the first thing abusers systematically destroy. In my case, all it took was my traffickers showing my cop cousin and my father my drugged rape videos. Then they started passing them around my school...The people and places that are supposed to be safe havens, and support, and places of love and acceptance for survivors are destroyed by slander, and accusations, and the destruction of reputation and self. These are they ways they alienate and control their victims.

The Nightshade Collective offers support and assistance by doing instead of saying as is our motto. The women here have all been through it and we know and feel what you have been through and must heal from. We offer everything from counseling, food, referrals to trusted legal assistance, document drafting, housing location assistance, identity erasure on the web, assistance in setting up a confidential safe mailing address, name change filing assistance, private investigation services, legal research, self-care packages, and more.

We offer support to those women that have been so hurt and abused and abandoned by society that they feel they have no hope. Some of us have been so destroyed and damaged there is no way to successfully integrate us back into 'normal' society. But there are those of us out there that still fight, and who will fight for you if you are so hurt and injured you cannot for yourself. Please always know, that where there is a will there is always a way. The Nightshade Collective will be right there by you holding your hand every step of the way if you need it. Even if you just need someone to go with you to court to support you, or even if you just need a fellow survivor to talk to. We are here for you. Call anytime, day or night.

We are not a nonprofit focused on grants and money funneling and tax write offs for the wealthy. We are a collective that will get in the trenches with you. We use our resources and knowledge to get results. We also teach classes to law enforcement and other agencies.

We DO instead of just say.

How to Get Involved

The Nightshade Collective graciously and humbly accepts donations (please contact Sybil Morgan to inquire at A receipt for tax purposes will be provided, and if you wish your name will go up on our contributors and supports board. However, the needs of these women are far more simple than just donations. Please, before you consider financial donations, inquire about one of the options below that survivors desperately need. 


Self-Care Packages

Self-Care is one of the first things abusers take away after they alienate you. Leaving you no choice but to depend on them for even simple things like tampons and showers. We have a wish list compiled from survivors for the things they need most. Items such as face cream, warm fuzzy socks, clean panties, clean warm clothes, blankets, baggy sweatpants, floppy beanies, and warm hoodie sweatshirts, etc. One thing to understand about trauma survivors is that due to the damage to our nervous systems we are almost always cold. And in my case, I am very tactile. I am 42, and I still sleep with my stuffed animal every night because it makes me feel safer. Please inquire for more information and where to donate.

Daemon's Island 
Safe House Project

The safe houses are full, and the hotels are dangerous and rampant for exactly the epidemic these women run from.

Daemon's Island is the long-term goal. A completely self-sustainable and self-funded secure and private location that fosters self-esteem, self-care, healing, regrowth, and rebuilding.

After the initial couple years of build out the island and the survivors will offer trainings to sex trafficking responders, wellness retreats, and will have multiple fully operational income producing ventures so that the island and the survivors have the ability to sustain themselves and thrive.


Thus, fostering self-reliance and out motto of "We DO instead of just say."

Madi's Sanctuary
Group Healing and Responder Training Retreats

Support. Do you have any support? This is usually the first question survivors are asked. The answer is a resounding NO. Especially in cases of familial trafficking like my own. The looks of pity, and the incessant phone number lists, and the rotten carrot on a stick to chase around while we desperately just try to survive only goes so far. Which is why most domestic abuse and sex trafficking victims aren't even noticed until they are in the morgue. 


Our group healing retreats are confidential, offered only to survivors, and provide a chance for all of us to know we are not alone. 


“The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.”


The saying means that chosen bonds are more significant than the bonds with family or “water of the womb.” More directly, it means that relationships you make yourself are far more important than the ones that you don’t choose.

Thank you for your patience as we adapt and improve our more info links above. More information will be added soon.

We have an Amazon wish list compiled by the women located here. 

*Please note. 

For the safety of the survivors all list donations must be mailed to an appropriate amazon locker for pickup. 

Please contact Sybil @ for more information.

Our GoFundMe Link 



And we have an investment list for specific long term goal items located here as well. 

Our discord chat server can be joined here

Find us on Facebook here

Art Therapy Gallery

Art has become a passion for many women after sex trafficking experiences. It is a way for us to express our pain, guilt, fear, anger, feelings of injustice, and to vent the darkness that has been inflicted on us against our will for so many years. All images are designed and created by survivors through creative artistic prompts submitted by the women to AI. Please consider donating to support the therapy and the cause.

The Survivor's Blog

By entering here, you consent and agree that you are over 18 years of age, you agree and consent to the disclaimer and trigger warning above, and you hold full responsibility and liability for your choice. You also release this site and the survivors whom it protects from any accountability and or legal action for any self-inflicted trauma, nightmares, and or harm you may cause yourself by entering this link.


Sometimes it is best not to ask questions we are not supposed to know the answers to. Ignorance can be bliss...

But if you still wish to know, survivor accounts and journals can be found here. Updated daily. 


My Blog | Vincit Omnia Veritas (

Inquiries and Contact

DISCORD Chat Server Link Here 

Please note the google email address

thenightshadecollective @ gmail is NOT AFFILLIATED with this site or the Organization. We will ALWAYS use encrypted accounts such as protonmail. For safety reasons please do NOT attempt to contact the gmail address if you are seeking us. Please use the encrypted protonmail email above. Thank you.

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