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Oh, and just so you’e aware, which you should already know since you’re cops…

“Making Love” to a woman does not entail Lauren breaking into her house and sticking a needle in her leg and kidnapping her to an “acceptance” party no one invited me to, no one even told me about, and no one even let me shower, wax, dress, or put makeup on for. You let Lauren drug me and poison me and put chemicals in my face cream for weeks in advance, you refused to let me work out, you refused to even let me do yoga, and you kept me poisoned and sick. Then you paraded me around naked and disgusting and filthy and drugged, again, at some sicko freak show abuse cult rigged "acceptance" party so Lauren and Susan and Sheena would have another excuse to “waste all the money” and sell the house and go gambling and have a fashion show.

That's called assault, and kidnapping, and rape you disgusting rape cult swine filth from abuse hell.

Now fuck off, and stay out of my accounts and my life, rape cult. I offered you a way out, which was more than any of you rapist drugging filth ever deserved after 7 years of living hell so Phil could have a "sacrifice" and you could all play with your dicks and your sorority trash could go gambling. You didn't want it, you wanted a fashion show. So go rot in your fancy clothes.

Oh, and it's NOT "Lauren's truck". You CANNOT drug a woman and forge paperwork and steal from her and call it legal you swine cult money laundering rapist pigs from hell.


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