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Lauren has NO "authority"....

And that rapist pig "Guinn" is never coming near me again.

I'm turning in the whole poisoned drugged rape "Ken's acceptance" so Lauren could have a fashion show.

"It was supposed to be a rags to riches story"....

No it wasn't.

You let those evil bitches poison me for weeks before, put acid in my face cream, stick a needle in my leg, and kidnap me out of my house not even allowing me to shower or wax,

then you let that disgusting pig filth trash rape me in front of the whole party and prance around like he "owned me".

Then you let him harass and stalk me playing games on the phone though a blocked number for months after.

Then you let him pass around fake bullshit "messages" supposedly "from me" after that skank Lauren hacked into my accounts.

I reported "Guinn", and I've already spoken to multiple police officers and agents about him.

Seeing as he has gone so far as to insinuate he'll "burn down my house" and brags about stealing my panties and jacking off with them and calls me telling me "I'm outside your house come outside and drive me to a Black Lives Matter rally"...

In this state it's perfectly legal to use lethal force if I am scared for my life.

Which I am, and I will.

That disgusting pig filth psychopath needs mental help, and so does Lauren. I reported them both already to the DOJ.

So take your dishonorable rapist cult from hell that doesn't even follow your own traditions of accepting previously accepted operators and not RAPING women during your drugged "test" and go fuck yourselves.

I gave you a very nice offer, you wanted to drug and rape me so Lauren could have a fashion show.

That pig bitches fancy clothes can save you.

Oh yes, and my STD tests are STILL clean and negative. And they will stay that way because I'm celibate, or I know exactly the entire cult rapist filth at that "rags to riches" drugged house party that Lauren "sold at a discount" to turn in.

That's what happens to honest and loyal women when they trust the family that will always fail them. They stand around and watch her be raped by a piece of disgusting filth right in front of them and blame her.

Thanks for the lesson in loyalty rape cult.

Now fuck off and go rot with that pig trash Lauren and her stolen fancy clothes you dishonorable rapist cult of trailer trash, or I'm doing exactly what the Agent in Atlanta told me was perfectly in my legal right to do.

NOW maybe you filth cult trash see why I begged the judge for no leniency for "ken". He allowed those filth cult bitches to poison me, stalk me, abuse me, and then drug me on Phil's "recipe" and mix it with ecstasy and viagra and then they smacked me around to get me pissed off and then you all stood there and watched that filth rape me.

"The woman of his dreams" my ass. He just stood there and watched her be poisoned and abused and raped right in front of him by a disgusting pig piece of filth that Lauren sold me to and did NOTHING.

Then after he let them put acid in my face cream so he could sneer and call me "gator face" then he went gambling with the women who abused me and planned to move underground with Sheena, the other woman he allowed to poison and drug and abuse me and do exactly the same thing in Colorado Springs with Susan and Lauren.

Red. Button. Time.


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