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"Bad for business"

So what is one to do? When it’s actually the police departments and dirty cops who are throwing the drugged “acceptance parties” that Phil and his sorority skanks are botching on purpose? No one really to report it to, because there were too many of the actual police department there. They all hush it up, or plan out a con to throw the woman in a mental institution, or trump up charges and toss her in jail and gangrape her in a cell. Just like Lauren and Sheena had planned for me. I mean seriously, how do you report sex trafficking to the actual police departments that are doing the sex trafficking? They’ll even go so far as to hack a woman’s emails and her phone and send fake text messages to get her kicked out of a house she legally has a right to be in as “punishment” because she didn’t “perform” well enough for the man they sold her to. Right Cobb County? Ansyl? Then of course there’s Doug, who thinks he owns me, I have recordings of calling me and threatening me and acting like a certified lunatic since last June all turned in. Filed a police report on him months before that, and Gwinette county PD “punished me” for not preforming for him too. Now the psychopath “wants me back” and thinks “he paid for me he wants me” and regardless that what he’s done on recording is waaaay beyond simple stalking and harassment they let him off again. Because he’ll report them if they don’t. So there’s a second police report on him here now in Cowetta county, and they let him off on that too, and now he’s showing up on my facebook page leaving pathetic comments on my pictures stalking me here. Blocked.

So now the police departments are being blackmailed by their own clients. Which is why they won’t take the reports, and it’s also why when Noles told me she was going to forward the case to the FBI and give me a reference number she and her Chief refuse to. Because if they actually reported it they would have to give me a reference number, which they lied about and never did, because then they’d be reporting themselves, and “that would be bad for business”....

Make no mistake, they didn't want me to report May 28th, 2023 not only because "Lauren already reported it" and was trying to frame me and keep me quiet, but also because a good majority of them were there themselves with Ken and Lauren. Who snuck into my rental and stuck a needle in my leg after poisoning me for weeks and putting acid in my face cream so Ken could make jokes and call me "gator face" and they could all comment on how I was "too ugly to be a princess"... they never told me anything, never invited me, just paraded me around yet again, poisoned, sick, scopolamined out off my mind, unwaxed..... and then Lauren got to keep all the gifts she wanted and they burned everything else and Lauren got her fashion show. As the sorority skanks have been doing with Phil for 7 years now since Tony started it in HI. Then they call me "ungrateful" and say "she was drunk" and everyone hates me for it.....

I feel sorry for that officer that finally did allow me to report it last week. Let me guess, he got screamed at, put on administrative leave, demoted, or is being tormented every single day over it.

To be continued….


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