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Before it was "harmless".... until now all of the sudden they get caught.

Now he's trying to friend request me??? What? Now you know I remember all the sudden you're worried? Or do you need more gold mining money?

What? Is Nathan threatening you now because he knows you and Jim stole MY companies loans and turned a properties acquisition and wellness company into a crap screwed up wanna be placer rights "Gold Rush" TV show catastrophe?

I always insisted on Lode AND Placer rights for property investments in MY business for MY clients. Susan said it "was a waste" because I'm "too stupid to know anything".... so they spend millions on equipment, steal my gold mine, force me to sign paperwork by threatening my son, and then go off and party, hit a huge lode vein, and have ZERO rights to it because they only got placer rights.

Then they blame me.

They were never even part of my company. None of my 'family' ever was. Same with my cleaning company. They just stole that too and labor trafficked me. They just stole COVID loans and my company's EIN with Nathan. Drugged me and forged paperwork and stole my Gruma and blew it up at the races with Cody and Ducre. Because Phil "just needed the framework" of a corporation to funnel money through. So they never came up with their own business ideas, they just stole mine. Just like Sheena just did with my Gallery, and my shibari studio in Colorado. And just like Susan and Sheena helped Cory do in Atlanta with my other cleaning business. Susan "didn't want her making too much money".

I already reported it all to the SBA and the IRS.

I'm not saving you. You sold me for a gold mine. The ONLY reason you care now is because you got caught and jail is your greatest fear. You chose money and camping with my abusers over me.

So go have them.

I have no father.


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