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Blue Wall of Silence Pt 3

Please note the voice recording at the end of this post. I've gotten dozens of these calls from this guy telling me he's going to burn my house down, is going to come over and masturbate on me, has a pair of my panties he jacks off with. I've forwarded all these MP4's over to the department. And they do NOTHING.

I rented a room from this man and he raped me after I refused to have sex with him and then he called Gwinnett County PD on me and LIED and said I was "drunk and abusive to him". Gwinnett County PD showed up and forced me out of my rental at 9pm at night breaking landlord tenant laws and left me sleeping in my truck. Then they didn't even file a report on it but instead filed a "reference number". I filed a police report a day later and they told me to block his number and tell him not to ever contact me again and if he did then he would be breaking the law.

This is also the exact same man I reported who Alex and Lauren sold me to via sex trafficking.

Which Investigator Noles was supposed to turn over to the FBI.

CBI tells me there is ALWAYS a reference number.

Noles refuses to give it to me.

"He paid for her he wants her." Is the excuse they use. Let me be clear you sex trafficking stalking fucks. I AM NOT FOR SALE. GO GET YOUR MONEY BACK YOU DISGUSTING RAPIST PIECE OF FILTH.


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