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Ducre and Fuat

For those of you that know.....Fuat happened in June-July of 2017.

They used the same sad game in other places, all with the same thing in mind. To keep you as faraway as possible. He does enjoy playing you all for the fool. If you only knew the things she knew!

That, in essence, right there is why he wastes so much time and resources making sure you don’t talk to her and find out. He even said they went to the CDC. It was supposed to be a “birthday present” back last December. In 2017. Now in 2024 they're still trying to "infect me with a birthday present of HIV" with the needles he gives Lauren and Sheena.

What they didn’t tell you is that she’s too healthy, still healthy, she was prepared, and their sick, highly illegal game is simply nothing more than an elaborate lie. Another ‘show’ that Todd, ZhiHong, Kiko, Annette, and Jihong needed to “prevent the scandal”! Turns out Henry played in on that one as well, his wife Kristen was not happy at all.

And oh Anthony!!! We cannot forget Anthony, the man loves his cups of soup!

An update on the pathologic ZhiHong and his ‘code breaking’ will follow shortly along with some wonderful pictures.

Writing is terribly therapeutic. Regardless, just fyi, you are “warned” about Fuat.

Know this, here's his picture, and I have a lot more than that on him, and the offending dates have been checked and cleared. Ducre had other plans for Fuat. Which is how Phil blackmailed him all these years. He deserves something special.

Stay out of her way and enjoy the show.

However you,.... yes you reader, to the ones that think you know... know that if you wish to believe the rumors you are more than welcome to. That’s on you.

However, if you seek the truth, the real harsh, bloody, honest real truth, then you might want to actually talk to the woman, and ask to see her paperwork, ask her for the REAL truth. Unless of course you want to be part of the sheep that get laughed at by the pigs because you are foolish enough to believe the lies without verifying fact. Either way, she cares not.

For her, it’s become a process of elimination screening at this point.


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