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"Eat what you kill"

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I suppose to many women being a Tai Luk Shan “princess” would have its perks. All the clothes and fancy jewelry, the cars and the houses, shopping sprees in paris, gambling trips, camping trips, getting to blow money and be popular with all your friends, being spoiled rotten and never having to think or even blow your own husband because all they do is send them to “homeless whores” like me to take care of that while they get their nails done.

And like Phil, or are we calling him Todd these days again? Said to Ken in Colorado Springs, “you can only have one princess”.

I suppose being part of a “family” that has so much power and influence and gets anything they want whenever they want while Zhihong brags about bribing and paying off federal judges seems a goal to some.

I suppose if you’re willing to sell your soul that is. Back when I was forced to work as an operator for Raymond there was at least a code. We didn’t use children, there was none of this Lauren drugging me and forcing me to stand there immobile locked in a cell in my mind for an hour in a craphole gravel parking lot in Tenesee so she could make child rape porn of my son being raped with Sven so they could get their so desperately needed “proof” for the federal prosecutor.

I suppose to some that would be a life of dreams. Except I don’t hurt kids, and I have an honor code, and there are certain lines no matter what I will NOT cross.

I don’t know or care if Todd is still parading around as Ashir Ashirov working for Zhihong and Jhihong in Renton. I don’t care in the least that the only way Susan ever had any “authority” whatsoever is because Jhihong flew over to Denver in 2019 and pretended to be her “friend from school” to elevate her in high society and introduce her to all the “right” people that would help them with their schemes. I don’t even care in the least that their whole excuse for giving millions of dollars, the recipe, and control of little children to gambling addicted pedophiles who I was estranged from my whole life was “well, if her family doesn’t know her who does”.

I suppose for me the goal in this was never the money, the fame, the cars, riches, power… I never chose this life. I was roped into it because I went to Raymond in desperation for help back in 2014 because the police department on Maui was just as crooked and on the payroll as the rest of them are and no matter that I had no criminal record, was a montessori PTA mom and a children gymnastics coach, and an anatomy tutor MPD didn’t care. I was a “white woman” and the Freitas family were locals.

My deal with Raymond was simple, do my missions, get him what he needed, and in return he would stop the rapes and give my children back to me. In his letters to me he promised me 3 things: a family that would never fail me, answers that would give my mind peace, and revenge on those that abused and hurt me and my children. He promised me “anything I could ask of him in return”.... All I asked him for was for my children and safe passage.

A promise I don’t believe he ever intended on keeping in the first place. Unless my handler Kim was telling the truth all those years ago, and then in that case it’s all on Phillip, and Todd, and Annie, and Tony, and the Freitas’ and their cult that agreed to Tony’s “terms” in the first place.

Tony was so desperate for his seat at the table he had hidden some of his tools that he used on his own missions, and in turn was blackmailing Raymond with them, as well as Todd and the rest of the local rapists over all their rape parties and the fact that Raymond promised me protection and “no one would dare touch you!”.... Which ultimately was complete and utter bullshit just like the rest.

And so it continues…. Years later, the whole thing getting blown up to federal investigation levels of proportions. All because Phil bragged about “having friends in the CIA” and threatened to “leak just enough information about me to make me a priority on federal government watch lists”....

Back before Susan, or Lauren, or Sheena, or the “sorority” from hell, or any of them got involved in Denver it was just the men. Until one day it all went spiraling out of control and they killed off a firefighter in west concord named Ritchie by injecting an air bubble into his vein because he grew a conscience.

That would’ve risked everything. The entire organization. All their LLC’s and C-Corps and shell corporations which Raymond/Frank funneled millions through and gave them all “company bank cards” to use to fund all their toys and parties and gambling sprees and horrors.

Technically speaking it started with Seattle, not Hawaii. Back in February of 2017 in Greenlake, WA when that first sick “marriage” happened. The one in which they drugged me and gave me laxatives and anally raped me for hours before putting me in a white dress and paraded me out covered in rape juice and shit in front of an entire “engagement party”.... All because Raymond told Todd he had fucked up by torturing me in Hawaii on July 26th, 2016 and “they were responsible for taking care of me”.....

Todd couldn’t have that. Tony wouldn’t allow it and neither would have the hawaiians. And so they got Ducre involved, and Crossfit Deliverance, and then they got Aamodt involved in Madison park…..

In essence, when I take away all emotion completely and look at it solely from an objective perspective. It all boils down to the LLC’s and the shell companies. Because without the money horrors like Lauren and Sheena and Susan wouldn’t be allowed to drug me and put on “presentations” and “shows”.....

So I guess, looking back on it all, the best place to start is with Zhihong, and Horizon Explorer, and “Eat what you kill”. The company motto.

To be continued….


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