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Ed, and his "class" on federally illegal entrapment

It really is insidious how Jhihong and Phillip did it. He bragged all those years about “having friends in the CIA”. He and Todd met at Fort Bragg I believe, they were Army buddies. Todd started screwing Annie, then he went out on one of his rape nights with the boys and some poor victim from the “meat list”. Todd caught herpes, and then went back to Annie and blamed it on me. I was the easiest target. He never bothered to tell her that I never even had sex with him that night. Or that we ever only went on one date. I never willingly had sex with Todd, not once. The only one of them I ever willingly had sex with was Alex. I certainly never agreed to him selling me to the rape pigs at VASA fitness though.

But then Phillip gave them all permission to “do whatever they wanted to me” and he handled the police departments.

Then in 2019 Ed transferred to Denver, and DPD precinct 3 started taking equipment “donations” to cover up the rapes at Chuze Fitness on Monaco pkwy, and Susan’s “coming out” party for me into Denver high society in which she and Jhihong used the recipe on me and Susan dressed me up in one of her depends diapers and they “introduced” me naked and wearing nothing but one of Susan’s diapers to all of Denver high society.

I was going to Colorado Technical university at the time studying for a BA in Criminal Forensics…. This was the perfect primer for Phillip and Todd and their military buddies and Phil’s “federal government connections”. Most of Colorado Tech was all ex military and the FBI actively recruited from that school.

That was about the same time Ed started allowing his students to “use me for training exercises” so he could show off. That’s also the time Susan started lacing my coffee in the mornings and I flopped out of school because I was being drugged and raped incessantly.

That’s ultimately when the “school” got involved. Quantico, their “class” on me, and the “sorority” from hell started passing around the millions Susan got from jhihong.

I’m just curious, how in the world a “federal discovery investigation” is being done on an honorably discharged veteran whom the federal government's “class from quantico” has been using for training exercises for over 4 years? How are drugged rape parties and scopolamined video tapes that Susan and their “class” helped fabricated considered anything other than federally and constitutionally illegal. Not to mention Entrapment?

Perhaps there’s another legal term for it. Perhaps Ed can “show off to his students” some more playing dress up with DPD and explain it.


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