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From top of my class in electrical core to unwilling egg donor - Susan needed more gambling money and Lauren needed a fashion show

PBS (phosphate buffered saline) is a balanced salt solution used for a variety of cell culture applications, such as washing cells before dissociation, transporting cells or tissue, diluting cells for counting, and preparing reagents.

In many ways what happened to me in the Navy, and my discharge, I will regret it forever. I loved the Navy, and I excelled at my rate.

But after my childhood, I was so young when I joined at 17, what happened was nothing by comparison to what has happened to me in the last 7 years, but back then.... the Navy was supposed to be my escape from the abuse, and my family, and having that happen there. It was like my new family abusing me all over again.

I never blamed Cap, I was grateful to him. But to this day I wish I had found a way to stay in.

That weakness, and me confiding that to my ex Freitas was what destroyed me. When Chris knew I was leaving with the kids he called in his army cousins Todd and Brandon and told them the story, and that was that.

Fast forward.

In 2019 after they killed off Ritchie I did the stupidest thing I could have ever done. In a panic I ran to a family reunion thinking I could heal and rest and organize for a couple weeks and move on.

Todd followed me of course, and my whole family being military and estranged....

The story of my discharge became.... "she was a drunk whore in the Navy and got kicked out", Susan knew about my honorable discharge but decided I "didn't deserve it" according to her, and so she just lied about it. Before long I wasn't even allowed to wear

Navy hats or military pride t-shirts because my pedophile uncle Jim claimed it was "disrespectful to real veterans"....

And so that's what I became to my family. The "drunk whore that couldn't hack it in the Navy and all she's good for is her vagina"....

They sold me and made an ATM out of me. I wasn't allowed school. I wasn't allowed yoga even though I'm trained in 3 styles and have been practicing for over 20 years. Susan tells everyone "She got kicked out of hot yoga instructor school".... No, I didn't, I just didn't turn in the paperwork for my certification. That's not the way I was trained to teach. And my real teachers would roll over in their grave seeing the pathetic fashion show that the US calls 'yoga' now.

I wasn't allowed to work out or lift even though I went to school for exercise physiology in Seattle and was a personal trainer.

Anything at all that made me happy. No hot baths, turn the water down. Susan said I was too "stupid" and would "just burn myself".

School was "a waste" according to susan. "The only thing she's good for is making babies".....

And so she and Jhihong started selling my eggs through Jhihong's invitro fertilization clinic up in Canada across the border from Frank's lake house in WA state.....

There was never any "baby" they were worried about. They wanted to money they got off the egg every month.

"if she's still having periods she can still have babies" Jhihong said....

And so Susan lied and passed around fake STD tests to keep everyone away from me, and the women that "didn't want to ruin their own bodies" or in cases such as Sheena's where she was told by doctors "any further babies she had with her eggs would be deformed" they used me, and their husbands raped me, impregnated me, and with the help of certain gynecologists in CO that I've already reported to the FBI they became millionaires through not only destroying the two children I did have, but by selling any others I could ever have, and then making sure my reputation was so destroyed through Phillip's show that according to Susan.... "men like Ken are too handsome for her", "she can have who I pick for her or no one".... and so she demanded I be with the nastiest most abusive foul disgusting filth on the planet like Moore, and when I fought back or refused she just "had me punished" and told me I "should be more grateful, I don't deserve any better"....

And that's how I was forced with that filth Ansyl, and Guinn, and Moore, and the rest in Atlanta.

Ken using what he learned in cyber security school to clone my phone and hack my emails and help them "punish me" was just "training exercises for him"....

Then that disgusting foul filth Moore wanted his own "baby with me" because Danielle had already had a hysterectomy..... when I told him no they raped me with a knife instead and Susan told me I could go rot homeless with no medical care until I was "more respectful and grateful".

So, I just ran.

I suppose, when I think about it now, what makes me the most angry, besides the other emotions such as disgust, and horror, and revulsion, is that once again that filth trailer trash estranged psychopath rapist con artist thieving lying embarrassment that calls themselves my "family" forced me to break yet another promise.

I kept that secret for over 20 years, and Susan is such addict abuser filth she's forcing me to break it to prevent her and Joanie from mutilating me.


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