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"He's coming to kill you"

“He’s coming to kill you.” The asian man’s voice on the other end of my cell phone tells me. No caller ID of course.

I have to say, its been 7 years of hell. It’s about time one of those fuckers grew some balls and picked up the phone and spoke to me without using Phillip’s recipe on me first.

“All of high society is pissed”.... and I’m supposed to care?

In July it will have been 7 years since Raymond Wong adopted me as his daughter. Which I supposse by right makes me a real princess.

Phillip used to make jokes “she doesn’t even know she’s a princess.”

The whole time he and Jhihong squandered all the money and kept me in squalor. Poisoned, sold, drugged, miserable.

They abused my children the entire time and blamed it on me. Ahhhh the horrors of Phillip’s recipe.

No one seems to know the history behind that. Initially the rule was not to EVER mix scopolamine. Then Phillip got blackmailed by Tony and Todd and the feds back in 2016 and decided to use me as “a sacrifice” to save their own asses from prosecution and bam...

Phillip realized all the manipulations he could cause and started his pharmaceutical companies in L.A. working on “the recipe”.

None of his attempts ever worked quite well enough on me though. I always remembered.

Fast forward to February 2019, and Phillip and Todd being sick of their machinations with me and handing me off to my estranged psychotic gambling addicted great aunt susan. Along with control of the money and the kids and a full supply of the recipe. Jhihong came over to Denver and pretended to be Susan’s “old schoolmate” to ease the transition” That was around the time Ed transferred to the department in Denver to “show off to his students”.

By that time the “federal discovery investigation” into me was full bore, just like Todd and Tony and Phillip planned all those years ago in 2016.

It wasn’t until 2022 when they got “Ken” and Sheena involved and Sheena threw her drugged “ring match” “show” on March 12th, 2022 that Lauren got involved though. Those sorority skanks paraded me around Sheena’s show after they used the recipe on me and I could barely walk. Sheena made me do yoga, so she could show off to all Ken’s gym pigs who they were selling me to how supposedly horrible I was at it. They made me do ballet so her skank friend could tell me “you’re no ballet dancer”.... then Sheena wanted a wrestling match. I held out for 42 seconds scopolamined out of my mind until she finally used a shoulder pin to submit me. Lol Then she took it all and passed along the “she doesn’t want to be a princess” and made the desperate lyng pig Sheena one instead. We all know about this rigged fight. It was broadcast in Vegas along with all of Phil’s other “episodes”.

Phil’s “show” was nothing more than a reciped lie the entire time, but they were making too much money to stop, and Ken and Sheena became famous that night.

Fast forward to Atlanta.... moving past all the time I wasted running around like a scared little mouse while Corey labor trafficked me, and Ken and Lauren sex trafficked me out of my truck that Lauren lied the whole time about and said I supposedly “sold to her for a discount”.... fast forward fast forward to three weekends ago on a Sunday. Today being June 10th, 2023 you can do the calendar math I am sure. They had Grey broadcast it, and once again they threw another “party”.... only this time Lauren wanted another “episode” and Lauren had made a deal with the mexicans and my ex husband Chris that it would be a donkey show. Lauren was pissed they couldn’t get me so they made the man I foolishly loved take my place.

Make no mistake, it had nothing at all to do with me “being drunk”. It had nothing to do with another “acceptance” or “phillip feeling sorry for me”....

Lauren just wanted another “show”.

So they tortured the man I once foolishly loved right in front of me, after they used the recipe on me and I could do nothing but stand there and stare locked in a cell in my head and respond like a puppet.

Looking back on it it didn’t take much time at all. There was only a small window that they could have come into my rental between the time the kids went to bed and my roommate got up for work.

10:30pm – 3am was all they had. Figure sticking a needle in my leg and Lauren and whomever helped her dragging me out of here without anyone waking the house. All it took was unplugging the controller box to the security cameras. I guess they never noticed the other ones.

A vicinity circumference from Newnan... figure 15 minutes in the house, 15 minutes to drop me off again....That gave them 4 hours for travel time and Lauren’s “episode”.....where once again they lied and told him I denied him and “didn’t want to be his princess”.... Lauren wanted to frame me more though. So instead of torturing me they tortured the man I loved and little children and told me “I would have been a horrible mother anyways”. Lauren took the puppies he bought me to the pound, and they destroyed this man whom I foolishly loved with all my heart.

By the time the donkey was done there was meat ripped out of him, his legs were broken, they broke his arms, he was lying there whispering “kill me please”, and do you know what that evil son of a bitch did? He threw a pistol at him and told him here, at least you can die like a man. Then they burned down all that he had built for me to move me underground after the greedy sorority pigs filtered through it all and stole what they wanted.

Do you know those evil pig skanks didn’t even mourn him. They threw a fashion show the weekend after with all the designer clothes he had bought for me that they had stolen. Then Lauren snuck into my house and poisoned all my face creams and beauty products.

She was furious when I threw them all away.

Fast forward 2 weeks.

I haven’t even bothered to file a police report. Glorified stenographers those guys. And besides, Lauren will just prance in with her illegal “federal discovery investigation” and confiscate and destroy it all anyways.

So I posted everything I can remember online, all the horrific details. Names, faces, the torture in detail, the “good son” roast, and Phil’s pit bulls cleaning up the scraps afterwards. So much detail, the horrific stuff that I cannot post here or anywhere else.

I figure if “he’s coming to kill you” as the cowardly asian man on the phone from a blocked number tells me tonight then they can have it all blasted across the internet after I’m dead.

“Lauren already reported it”. Of course she did. That lying skank has been using the recipe on me attempting to entrap and frame me with the federal government for years trying to cover this all up. She even stood there in a parking lot for an hour and made a video of my son being raped to try and frame me for that. I guess the federal prosecutor bailed her out of making child porn in TN too. That's how desperate they are to cover up a almost 7 year bullshit entrapment investigation and their “school” of quantico morons.

So Lauren already reported it not knowing or perhaps not believing that I could remember. Now she knows I remember and whatever is she to do? Because when the FBI does come and talk to me I have soooooooo much to tell them.

Phil and Roy can’t have that. Just like they can’t have a dead man show up in court on Monday. Boo hoo I guess Ken and Sheena don’t get to move underground with the millions they stole from Raymond after all.

So Lauren already “reported me”, but now if the feds come and talk to me their entire show is outed. Ken is either “dead” and moving underground, or truly dead and won’t make it to court on monday then the DA will start looking for them and they can’t have that. Then they would have to explain Lauren’s “episode” those weekends ago and all those sicko fuck heads that stood there and watched and did nothing. Then they would have to explain Phillip’s fake reciped scopolamined “show” all these years.

So they can’t have the feds come and talk to me, Ken can’t show up for court and if he does well, he’s making a plea deal.... they can’t have that, then Sheena wouldn’t get all the money and to go gambling anymore or have any more fashion shows with jealous thief pig Lauren and all those stolen designer clothes.

Thus, now they’ve resorted to “He’s coming to kill you.” in some pathetic ominous voice from a blocked number.

I guess I’m just curious. Mr. Creepy cowardly Asian man voice on the phone telling me “He’s coming to kill you.” Do you think I haven’t already planned for that? Haven’t been expecting that exact thing for years already? I know exactly what you’re capable of with your “recipe”. I saw it first hand a few Sunday’s ago when you tortured the man I loved more than any in my life right in front of me and made him write a fake suicide note.

I know all about you planning to fake my own suicide, how you sold me to the mexicans and planned to ship me off to Mexico. I know all about how you promised Chris Freitas another torture for his birthday this year. I know all about how Lauren is pissed because she had to “cancel her show this weekend.”

I know, and when you do come “kill me” Mr. Cowardly dishonorable Asian man please know that with what I’ve rigged online....THANK YOU cyber security classes!!!!.... the whole world will know too and it will be my final FUCK YOU to all of you.

Perhaps I should be terrified, but I’m not Mr. Cowardly creepy Asian man. I above all people know what you’re capable of and what you've done to those I loved because all those years ago a bunch of Hawaiian pigs and todd and tony drugged me and tortured me and lied to Phillip and tricked him into thinking that I “didn’t want to be his princess”... so to save face he started the “show” and all these years of hell an torture.

Perhaps I should feel horrified and be panicking right now. But I’m not, and I don’t. I’ve been preparing for you for a long time. When I go I’m taking your whole family of thief pigs with me, and the feds will finally have their “discovery investigation.” So will reporters and the rest of the world.

So, bring it.

You should have just brought me that cabin in the woods and my retirement back like I asked. You wanted your show more and Lauren just had to show off what a desperate loser princess wannabe low class trash skank she really is.

So now Mr. Creepy Cowardly Asian man from hell.....

Bring it, and let’s watch it all burn.

Tell your producer Gray I said Fuck him too.

Then of course there's always the logical fact that if the idiot doughnut eating entrapping fucktards from the federal government had any brains at all they should probably be watching the flights in from China right about now.

"He coming to kill you."

Fine. I must say, it's about time you Tai Luk Shan coward dishonorable fucks grew some balls and spoke to me without drugging me first. It only took 7 years.


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