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How Dan became a "real" gold miner

After the Polaris races and the Aquarius casino in Laughlin in 2019 when Jim and Todd successfully plied Susan, and they couldn’t leave me stranded in Bullhead City because “susan didn’t want to do that to Dan” they all started to work on my father.

I called him numerous times in 2019 begging him for help, yelling at him telling him he vouched for Susan and Jim and told me to move with them even after I told him what Jim had done. As always he sloughed off any responsibility. I remember one day him telling me on the phone “Susan will never turn me against my daughter, Kelly. Never”. I guess he didn’t think at the time that psychologically speaking he might as well have been admitting that Susan was trying. Shortly after he started ignoring me all together and even yelling at me for causing him stress. “I can’t handle all the drama, Kel!” He used to yell at me that I was supposedly “making him sick with all the stress”. Shortly after that after not being able to afford his bills all his life, and a visit from Sarah to see Susan and the kids in Denver my “father” and his wife who always hated me bought bought a fancy new house in Seattle. Right up near Zhihong. Go figure the coincidence.

That year in 2019 on new years eve my whole family flew into town and they paraded me drugged around Matthew’s “acceptance” party. My children were there, even my mother was there. I recall her telling me “i regret ever giving birth to you”... they left me outside in the driveway to be raped while they all partied inside because they “were so worried about my kids”. They lied and told everyone “she showed up drunk”, when in reality I was working that night as a janitor in the Gilpin Community center. I still have the pay stubs and the hours recorded. They did the same thing Susan and Jim had been doing to me all year, with the help of Jose the lead janitor there they drugged me and carted me off to a place over by Apex Valley Road. That was around the same time my boss A Wirth took a “vacation” gambling with Roy.

In February the next year, they got Cory W. my then boss at Lab Logistics after I quit on Wirth after the rape involved, and Jim drugged me and forced me to hand over rights to my business and they took all the chinese acceptance “new business gifts” and all went partying in Laughlin for the races and blew up a new Gruma. My cousin Ducre just loved that. Cody loved his new “fleet truck” and Jim dumped an entire fridge full of rotting meat in the truck they supposedly bought “for me”. That was the inception of what Jim calls “his business”, and also how he and my sperm donor father Dan afforded all those gold mines and mining trips and equipment.

I had started investing into gold mines of my own, and Jim was so offended that he and Dan had been made to look like fools trying out for the show Gold Rush. Essentially Susan and Jim were supposedly “running my business for me” which they had turned from a health coaching and investment business into a gold mining scam. They bought a mine and only placer rights on it because Susan and Jim claimed “it was a waste, and I was a fool to be investing in lode rights as well as placer”. They hit a huge vein, and then found out they had no rights to it because it was a lode vein and not a placer. So Jim and Dan and Susan were made to look like fools, and they hated me for it. So in August that year they with the help of Nathan L. who I had bought my gold mine known as the Storm Mountain Mine from, followed me up there while I was camping out and scouting the place. They drugged me, raped me, and then paraded me around another “acceptance” “party” thrown by red feather lakes, and forced me to finger myself and go around the party begging people to smell my vagina and “take me camping with them”. The whole time Jim, and Dan, and Nathan, and Susan were blasting my mine, and that night they held my son over a glory hole and fractured his wrists and forced me to sign over rights to my mines to Jim. Thus making them also “Jim and Dan’s gold mines”. They broke into my explorer and disabled the battery, and had the intention of leaving me up there stranded. Knowing what I know about cars from what I learned in TX I was able to get it running again and get out of there and called in a report to the forest ranger. A call which should still be recorded. Matt drove a brand new razor 4 wheeler through my camp that night almost running over me and my dog in our tent. They didn’t care. Megan got a new moth taxa travel trailer, and Matt got a new razor and Jim and Dan got my gold mines, and they all went camping and on “vacation” afterwards….

I still have all the plat maps and the surveys and the maps I drew up of that mine. Nathan told me the wrong location the night I went up there camping so it turned out I was on a mine the next one over because he didn't want me to find out they were all up there blasting my mine and camping and partying the whole time.

And that was how, along with showing him all my rape videos, Susan and Jim and Todd were able to convince my father to sell his only daughter for a gold mine. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. In all my life my "father" has never kept a single promise to me.

To be continued….


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