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How Jhihong got involved...

The thing about Raymond…. In my mind I had built him up to be this man of impeccable honor and courage, a man who helped my children and me when no one else could or would…. I never blamed him for what Todd was doing, I always assumed they were lying to him…

And then in 2017 I met Raymond. I lived in his house and worked for him as his legal assistant, process server, researcher, court filer, document drafter, massage therapist, house cleaner…. I even took care of his dog and drove him to his colonoscopy.

Almost 6 months of grueling 12-14 hour days 7 days a week, which now I look back on with a mixture of gratefulness and disgust. I learned more in that time period than I had ever learned in any school in my life. Business, politics, war strategy, real estate, law suits, court filings, document drafting, security, stock exchange, oil trading, options, building corporations, holding companies, driving a limo, accounting, even ‘the family’ itself… but after meeting Zhihong my image of who I pictured Raymond to be was shattered.

Zhihong even admitted he was a “Coward”. An ex US military pilot hailed from Guangzhou, China, a place he constantly complained about how much he “despised”. He even referred to it as a “pirate port”. Zhihong had a sick sense of humor, and while I and he will admit that he always was a coward…. ‘Frank’ even told me one time “oh if I was ever captured I would sing like a bird, I cannot stand pain or the idea of torture, I would tell them everything, I was a pilot, we just talk”... ultimately the man was a mad criminal genius that had the entire world conned. He played his built up “militia” soldiers he scouted from police departments, and the federal government, and gyms like toy soldiers and he loved every second of it. Zhihong Frank's thrill was control, and after he stepped down and Phillip took over he never quite mentally got over losing all that power, so he started a lawsuit barrage, and tortured other people, and manipulated everyone and everything he could…. Because that was what gave him back his sense of ‘control’ after the transition.

He lived in a palace in Renton that looked like a regular house on the outside and was decked out like a mansion on the inside. He used to make jokes to me about how “the federal government thought he was dead” and how “he has his limo, and his beamer and his toyota camry, and he drives the camry to church and court because he can’t have all the dogs at church complain that he’s too rich and does not donate more”... and the entire time while he controlled literal billions, and played options, and stocks he funneled it all through C Corps and holding companies and gave all his militia members “company” credit and debit cards to use for their bills and expenses and whatever else they wanted. That’s how he payed them all off and kept them loyal. On paper, Zhihong is on welfare, and a disabled veteran, and has close to $0 in his personal accounts. Every aspect of Zhihong’s life was a long con, and that was his rush, that was his addiction, and damned if the man wasn’t a mastermind at it.

Jihong, his wife.... never even cared about me, never even knew about me, until there came a time that Zhihong wanted to divorce her, and working as his legal assistant and document drafter and court filer and personal driver I was the one to type up that divorce. Jhihong has had a psychopathic hatred and obsession with me since, and that is why when she saw her chance with Susan and how easily manipulated and greedy and selfish and abusive and stupid Susan was, she rubbed her hands together in glee, and showed up in Denver in 2019.

In some ways I giggle, I still have all that divorce paperwork and copies of the court filings I did for Zhihong during that divorce where they fought over billions.... after all, I typed it up and filed it in court for him.

To be continued….


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