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"In his image"... Addicts will be addicts

I suppose it’s logical to understand how so many could look past so much. So many rumors and so many lies. When you have someone like Phillip Huang funding it all….

What I cannot, or could not understand up until now was how none of it was ever investigated. It was all so blatant. The lies. I mean Susan’s lies all these years alone.

Then it finally clicked that it was never about anyone believing it. It was about the cult mentality, and the blackmail.

Phillip began this downfall all the way back in 2016 when he allowed himself and Todd to be blackmailed by Tony and the syndicates of Hawaii. Over the years all the women saw how they could get away with it too and lies bred more lies, and each time they got away with it they became emboldened, and they upped their abuses.

It always appalled me that no one ever cared about the truth. Until I realized of course no one cared. Phillip needed his “sacrifice” and then his “show” more.

The Elders were right. Raymond was a fool to choose him as his successor during the transition of 2016. I suppose many times, just like in my own, family is the most destructive choice.

I “worked” for Raymond for years before Phillip came along. Always with the carrot on a stick promise that if I performed well enough, did my missions well enough, they would give my children back to me. But there was always, and will always be “one more time”.

Such is the nature of addicts.

It blows my mind that after all these years all it took was one traitor, and his loathing of both the Tai Luk Shan and the Federal government. I never gave Tony Gross, Jeff Ragsdale, David Taylor or whatever pseudonym he is using now enough credit. I always hated him too much I suppose.

In Raymond’s generation Zhihong Feng’s “goal” was to “remake the police departments in his image”. The thing about China is compared to that country, and their strategies and their tactics the US is still in its infancy. China plays the long game. And throughout the last 7 years of what was ultimately nothing more than a horror movie on rerun I watched exactly that happen.

Zhihong started with Hawaii. Todd was there, it was the easiest target, and there was always a plethora of money hungry local boys, and syndicate pigs, and dirty cops willing to take payouts, and bribes, and rape parties and ultimately be allowed to get away with whatever they wanted to with Raymond’s blessing and his “corporate credit cards”, which ultimately were nothing more than mass produced debit and credit cards all tied to his shell C Corporation which he used to funnel in billions from China.

I look at the news reports on the economy now, and how they report about “China pulling out their investments from the US”. 2016 was a booming year for the US with Chinese investments. That was when Phillip took over and started investing huge in real estate and the pharmaceutical industry and the police departments.

No one truly understands how critical the police force is to the economic structure of the US. They are the dividing line, and the fabric that keeps the country from falling into utter chaos. Own the police departments and you own the country.

So Zhihong started with Hawaii, and Ambrose, and Todd, and Tony, and Reyes and a whole list of MPD officers that I turned into the federal department years ago that I’m sure they just laughed at and tossed in the trash.

In Hawaii Zhihong was so entrenched he was manipulating the republican national convention, “revamping” the police departments, and any “good cops” who opposed him ended up liquefying in a container in the yards. That was Tony’s job. And also a large portion of what he used to blackmail Raymond with.

What happened to my son with Fuat…. That was a very specific set up with a “specialist” on demand from Tony because Phillip needed a “sacrifice”. And that was ultimately exactly what I had planned for Tony on my last “mission” before I interrogated him and found out information that caused me to pack up and bail. If anyone had the honor or the courage or the dignity to speak to me after that mission they would have found out exactly what Tony told me that night in Kihei, and that I chose to scrap the mission to protect everyone.

Instead Phillip talked to Tony, and allowed himself to be blackmailed and lied to by Todd, the syndicates, and the MPD. Which to this day I will never understand the strategy behind. All he did was open himself up to years of more blackmail. He even wrote me a letter complaining about how “Tony had him over a barrel”.

Zhihong started in HI. And then when I ran to Seattle and he found out my cousin Anthony Ducre was an officer in SPD he used Ducre to plant poison in that department too. You can look at the Seattle PD back in 2015 compared to now in 2023 and Zhihong’s influence is glaringly obvious.

Zhihong told everyone he wanted his “own militia”. Even called himself the “Director” and did “inspections” every 6 months. He fashioned his cult after the FBI themselves. He paid off Federal Judges in the double digit millions, and promised his “militia” anything they wanted. They got open ended credit cards, new cars, new houses, any woman they wanted, rape parties, carte blanch. He even hired them lawyers when they got in trouble and made sure none of them ended up in jail. It’s appalling what billions of dollars and the backing of the Tai Luk Shan can actually do. “Normies” as they call the rest of us cannot even comprehend it.

What Zhihong never told any of them though, was that his real goal was always for China. To weaken the police departments and the safety structure of the US enough that we would ultimately eat ourselves. I give it perhaps another decade, and his real goal will have come to fruition.

Zhihong always focused on recruiting dirty cops, ex military, “trained” men and women with weaknesses for power, money, lust, greed, blood…. If he couldn’t bribe you he would blackmail you and if neither of those worked you ended up in a container out on the Vashon Island ship yards.

That’s where the gyms came in. They all trained and worked out together. He wanted strong men, with special skill sets, and what better place to find them that in areas where the federal government, and the military and the police departments had already trained them for him.

Back when they found me in Seattle in 2017 after I ran from Maui when Phillip broke traditions that he never cared about anyways and refused to “accept” an already accepted operator from the previous generation because I was “white” and a “woman” all those pigs used to joke and say they “were using me for training exercises”.

Phillips “show” didn’t start until around 2019 in Boston when I told him I was going to write a book and he of course had to one up me. That book eventually became the time capsule that exists today. Oh they can all lie and say whatever they want about it being “fiction”, but the “family” and the real players know, and remember the events that I speak of and they all know it’s all true.

I wake up under anesthesia. I have since I was 3. It’s been medically documented. Which is why scopolamine doesn’t work right on me and I remember.

What started out in HI, soon infected Greenlake, and then Madison Park and when I ran from Madison Park, it infected Manhattan, and then Tarrytown PD, and then Rye PD, and then Cape Cod PD, and then when John Ritchie from the West Concord FD stood up to them and Ed and Ritchie told them he couldn’t stomach it anymore they killed him off and I panicked ran again.

Right to the stupidest most illogical idiotic place I ever could have. My trailer trash money grubbing low class no etiquette family. They were like play dough for Zhihong, and Jhihong, and Phillip, and Todd.

Soon it was the Denver PD taking “equipment donations” and Chuze fitness, and then Red Feather Lakes, and Trinidad, and Roy got involved. And by this time the “sorority” and Ed’s “students’ from Quantico had fallen for Phillip’s cons and his promise to “leak just enough evidence to frame me with the federal government”.....

Then Gilpin and Golden PD got involved.

And as scary as it is, they would have gotten away with it all, except they gave away millions and “full authority” and control of two little children and a supply of scopolamine which Susan called “her medicine” to gambling addicted abusive pedophiles.

By the time I walked into Cripple Creek PD that day in October of 2021 and met Kenoyer Susan and my sperm donor gold digging father, and my dirty cop cousin ducre, had already doled out so much money in the form of “gifts that she didn’t want” and Susan lied and told everyone “She doesn’t want to be a princess”.... Jewelry, cars, houses, gambling sprees, blown up truck at the Polaris races, new travel trailers, shopping trips, new apartments in Denver for Jim to keep my children in and play with his prostitutes in there was no way to hide the money.

So Susan and jim and ed took Jim’s hooker Jaine Gordon to court and paid her off to pretend to be me. No one in the courtroom ever checked. And that is how Susan got control of millions. That and her blackmail of everyone she bribed and bought “gifts” for.

In Golden it was Cristina and her scopolamined “show”, then it was Lynn, and then it was Cochi Gonzales and Roy in Trinidad, then it was Teri in Cripple creek and Thomas’ new travel trailer and their new campground in TX which Roy funded.

That was the incident I reported to Kenoyer in October 2021, that he ultimately voided out of the system and decided to help them instead of me. He took a “vacation” and went to Vegas gambling with Roy not 3 weeks after he met me.

Then Sheena wanted her “scopolamined show”. Ken had given me to a pig named Donnie Pedlar because he was “finished with me” and Donnie was pissed because I refused to willingly sleep with him. Ken was pissed because I was so “loyal to him and loved him and he couldn’t get me to cheat on him so he would have an excuse to dump me that would be my fault”. They women were pissed because I wasn’t “more grateful” for the pig Donnie they sold me off to and kept refusing his attentions. So they brought Cristie in and one day she hurt my dog and I snapped and beat the living shit out of her. Donnie panicked. The women were pissed. And Sheena went on a desperate rampage to “prove to everyone that she was a better fighter”. So they drugged me, and starved me, and poisoned me for weeks. Refused to allow me to go to the gym or do yoga. Thay laced my toothpaste and put chemicals in my face cream. By the time that drugged scopolamined “show” Sheena put on in Colorado Springs that they broadcast in Vegas happened I hadn’t slept or ate for two weeks, I was scopolamine out of my mind, my right knee was still sprained from beating the crap out of Cristie on a wood floor at Donnies house and sitting on her head to pin her…. Sheena wanted her “ring match”... but she was so terrified to fight me she trained with Ken for weeks before while they starved me and tortured me and sold me at VASA fitness and wouldn’t let me sleep or eat so they could all make “chicken legs” jokes.

After that supposed “fight” they all went up to the high roller room at the double eagle casino in cripple creek and blew millions and Ken and Sheena rented a fancy hotel room and lived it up.

When I was placed in a supposed “safe house” called TESSA in Colorado Springs Lauren wanted her turn with Sven Bonnylick from CSPD and they used their police credential to walk right into to a literal safe house. Lauren told them she was going to my room to get me and she scopolamined me and paraded me out drugged out of my mind and forced me to hand over rights to millions and my kids and write off my truck to her to pull her new travel trailer.

I ran though, left the safe house and no one could find me and Phillip told Lauren he wouldn’t “accept” her into the Tai Luk Shan unless she “finished” her mission with me. Which was what started the chase across the country, and why the “show" in Tennessee with Ken’s whole company happened.

Then I landed in Atlanta, and they got Cobb County PD involved, and then Newnan PD, and then Coweta County Sheriff’s department with Lauren’s whole “she’s doing a federal discovery investigation into me”. Which was complete bullshit because their entire “investigation is a farce and completely constitutionally illegal.

You cannot scopolamine an honorably discharged disabled veteran and video tape an orchestrated and propped frame job and use it against her. That’s why they federal prosecutor had to “pardon” Lauren for her “show” in that shit hole gravel parking lot with my son in TN.

Oh they passed around millions upon millions all these years. All the dirty cops, and dirty feds, and Zhihong’s and Phillip’s “militia” using it as a slush fund.

Phillip told everyone they “could all have a turn with me and he would allow it until they were all finished with me”.

And such is the nature of addicts they always did and always will need “just one last time”.

And then Lauren’s “show” on May 28th, 2023 happened in Newnan.

Go figure the police departments here won’t let me report it. A good majority of them were there.

So now Ken, is going to jail for 2 months and is on 2 years supervised parole for his actions in CO. Lauren “spent all the money”. The slush fund is gone. And now all of the sudden Phillip “doesn’t think it’s wise to get involved” and he bailed back to China.

7 years, plus the years I worked for Raymond before that.

It was always going to be “just one more time”. Except now Lauren and Susan and Sheena “spent all the money”. There’s nothing left”.

And they’re all panicking because I remember it all. I wake up under scopolamine. And I have a meeting with the IRS tomorrow.

Did you know player’s club cards used for gambling at Casinos have social security numbers attached to them?

Interesting fact. It’s a federal offense to use casinos to launder money and sex traffic. It’s also a federal offense to have all your “militia members” form LLC’s which Phillip tells them all “he only needs the framework for” to fund federally illegal “federal discovery investigations” and frame and honest an loyal innocent woman so a bunch a cult rapist sex trafficking money laundering pig filth that turned their backs on the US could get away with it all?

Lauren wanted a “fashion show”.

“One last time”.

Such is the nature of addicts and those with no honor.


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