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"It made them all rich"

I look back at all the years of abuse, and lies, and gaslighting. So many memories, all locked away in little boxes in my head. I keep them locked away so that I can function on a daily basis as much as I can and not spend the days in a ball in the corner uncontrollably sobbing or screaming. I look back at all of it. Horrors and abuses that would make even a special forces marine cringe, and still, the worst of all of it for me was what they did to my son.

In 2018 Kim sent me a letter, telling me that he now served the Lee family and that he was being forced to turn over all his information to them. He told me he was offering me a “favor” of sorts by offering to leave me out of their knowledge entirely. I admit to you that I was so offended at the time I said some rather unpleasant and superlative things. He was offended, I was offended, and what ended that discourse of emails back and forth was ultimately him telling me to “go back to Hawaii, collect my children, or they would be placed in foster care”.

I’m curious how many people were “moved underground” that I still have pictures and records of.

I’m curious if Lauren’s fashion shows and the 7 years they all spent wasting away Raymond’s money on gambling sprees and houses and jewelry and shopping trips for abusive lying pedophile trash like Susan to make my life’s decisions for me was ever going to be enough.

Susan “didn’t care if I was left homeless”. And Ken was such a coward he just walked away. Now Lauren has “spent all the money”. And they still don’t have enough to lock me away in the jail system and erase my records and “lose me in there forever” based on their entrapment frame job all these years and Lauren’s child porn in Tennessee the way Susan and Sheena wanted.

I’m curious how many of Phillip’s “friends in the CIA” are actually his friends. And I’m curious how much longer they're going to get away with the “she was drinking” lie when it was really Susan and Lauren and Sheena and the sorority skanks drugging me and lying all along so they could go shopping and put on fashion shows.

I’m curious how much longer dirty cops are going to refuse to investigate based on lies and a fake “investigation”.

You’re right, surveillance peons your “whole school is going to be destroyed”. I guess lauren’s fashion show was more important. Coward Ken calling me “gator face” after he let Sheena and Lauren and Susan put acid in my face cream, and poison me for years so he could complain about how I “smell” was more important.

“It made them all rich”. That’s all any of them ever cared about anyways.

Doesn’t matter now. “Lauren wasted all the money”.

“It made them all rich.”

We’ll just see about that.


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