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Jhihong's Fetus Factory

Zhihong used to make jokes to me all the time about Jhihong’s “fetus factory” up in China. Essentially it was an invitro fertilization clinic up in Canada right across the border from WA state and up near Zhihong’s lake house. If you understand the conception and population problems their investments in invitro are not at all surprising.

When Jhihong flew over to Denver to help Susan “transition” and convince Denver “she had full control” while they played the whole time that Jhihong was “Susan’s friend from school” they got the sick idea to not only use me to sell me and use me as an ATM, but Jhihong convinced Susan how “valuable my eggs would be since I was so beautiful”.

This is dark, so dark, and even after all this time the only way I can process it is to write of it. In November of 2019 while I was running my cleaning business up in Gilpin and Golden Todd brought back an empalon mesh from his military travels. If anyone actually checked into his travels or under his pseudonym Ashir Ashirov they would find him easily, but no one ever cared. Certainly not DPD who was too busy taking equipment donations.They didn’t want there to be any proof of the rapes and tortures and this was a way to repair a prolapse. In the end they ended up using for something else entirely. Cristina K was a nurse practitioner and wanted to “practice” and Jhihong wanted me to “still be able to become pregnant so she could collect my eggs which she and Susan sold through her in vitro clinic in Canada.

I woke up one day while cleaning Stephanie L’s house in Golden.Todd had been standing over me with a gun preventing anyone there from stopping it, and Matthew walked in and was so disgusted he just walked out and let it happen. They made my son watch…. It was supposed to be an in vitro fertilization. Instead Cristina hated me so much that she put the in vitro wand in my hand and after drugging me on scopolamine she made me stab at my right ovary repeatedly. There was so much damage the empalon was needed. Anyone who actually looked at my right ovary to this day would have proof of this. I literally had multiple small incisions on my lower abdomen right after. I went home that day barely able to walk, and not a single hospital or doctor would listen. They all called me “crazy”.

Susan and Cristina had gone to all Cristina’s nurse friends in Kaiser and Denver health and told them “she’s crazy” and “she’s a whore” and prevented me from medical care. Susan didn’t care how much pain I was in. They laughed and joked that I could “rot in sepsis in prison”. They had Cristina’s gynecology doctor friend Toya E. “plan the laparoscopy”. I still have all the medical records. I was so terrified of what they would do to me under surgery since Toya was talking about “just taking out my uterus and ovaries” I never let it happen.

I remember laying in bed at Susan and Jim’s house on Bucknell a couple nights after with a 103 fever and writhing in agony while Susan laughed. If I didn’t know what I know about medical care and my EMT training and my knowledge of herbal antibiotics I would have died from sepsis I’m sure. That’s when I started taking an herbal anti everything concoction my old teacher taught me multiple times a day.

Months later when I healed, the whole time Susan laughing about making me “scrub toilets and waiting for sepsis to kick in”, and I was still having periods, Jhihong told Susan “if she’s still having periods she can still get pregnant”, and that’s when the in vitro experiments continued, and Susan learned how “valuable” my eggs were. Especially over in China and to rich socialites that used surrogates because they “didn’t want to ruin their bodies being pregnant”.

In 2021 right before I ran, they impregnated me because Roy so desperately wanted to have a baby with me. They gang raped me at another “acceptance party” in Colorado Springs, when they were finished, they layed me down on a table after Roy walked in on it all, I remember Sheena asking me if I “wanted to be a mother” and I told her under scopalime “no because I didn’t want to be blackmailed with another baby.” She laughed and with the help of a gyno doctor friend of Cristina’s from Cheyenne Mountain Gynecology in Colorado Springs they removed the embryo, and popped it in my face, it broke Roy’s heart, and in some part of my brain locked in a cell unable to move and forced to watch and feel the entire time it broke my heart too. A part of me died that day. I’ve always wanted to be a mother and have a family. That’s why Phillip took that away from me. It was my heart’s wish, and that is what he does. His whole “show” that he made so much money on and hosted on a european server that “the whole family watched” was so grotesque and horrifying it could only be classified as torture. What originated as a “through the looking glass knockoff had turned into a Saw knockoff” and Phillip made millions off it and everyone “wanted a part in his show”. After Cristina popped the embryo in my face she told me “fine, you’ll never be a mother again” and she rammed her fist into my vagina and she ripped the empalon out of me. While I was laying there screaming my cousin Ducre walked up and spit in my face and told me “that’s my love for you cousin”.

Anyone who actually examined me would have proof of this. Which is why Susan follows me all over the country talking to all my Doctor’s insisting “she has full medical authority over me”, and also why Phillip continuously “donates” to certain doctors and hospitals.

It's also where all the lies about "she's threatening an abortion" and "we'e so worried about the baby" came about.


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