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July 26th, 2016

For the longest time I didn’t know if it was Phil, the Hawaiians, or the federal government themselves who sent in the specialist Fuat on me, my son, and my daughter in my apartment in Greenlake back in November of 2016.

For the longest time I didn’t know anything at all other than panic and running like a scared little mouse.

It wasn’t until I went through years of therapy, read through old journals, and had time to sit and think and remember all the things that I locked away in my brain. Terror does that. Among other things.

In November of 2016 I had just moved to Seattle. Greenlake to be specific. Running from HI and the incident on July 26th, 2016 when the Hawaiians and Todd and Tony supposedly tricked Phillip Huang into believing that I “didn’t want to be his princess”.

It took them 8 hours of torture, and massive amounts of drugs combined with scopolamine. Then Todd paraded me out in a bikini for Phillip’s supposed “acceptance” and “proposal”. They made me lie to Phillip and tell him that I “didn’t want to be his princess. That I wanted to be a whore.” Then the made me lay there and masturbate in front of everyone. For the longest time I could never understand how Phillip could believe it. No woman would turn down being a Princess. Then I found out about Phillip's deal with Tony and Todd to use me as a "sacrifice" and it all clicked.

They told me during the torture that if I “didn’t perform exactly as they told me to then my daughter would take my place.” So I did what I was told, and when Phillip stood over me and told me that if I didn’t stop and get up now he would turn his back on me and leave me to be sold as a whore I just kept masturbating. Phillip didn’t protect me for two years before that. He certainly wasn’t going to protect me, or my daughter then either. Raymond’s promise of “safety, and protection, and a family that would never fail me” was nothing but lies and smoke. And the Hawaiians and Tony relished proving that to me every chance they got. Over time Raymond’s word and all his promises became a joke in HI. Phil kept me drugged, poisoned, raped, sold, alienated, and miserable all to show off what a supposed fool Raymond was for adopting me in the first place.

Fast forward through Seattle, and Boston, and New York, and Cape Cod and the fire fighter dying in West Concord and enter Susan. The greedy gambling addicted abusive lying pig who married a rapist pedophile.

And what did the federal government do? Why they gave her and her pedophile millions of dollars and control of two little children and an endless supply of Phil’s “recipe”..... all to deceive Raymond, and then Roy, and then the counsel....

I still laugh a bit when I think about Sheena and her drugged “ring match” though. After Cristina, and Lynn, and Matt, and Cody, and Wirth, and Nathan, and Teri, and Derec, and Mhegan’s new Moth Taxa and Thomas’ new travel trailer and all their camping trips and gold mines and new campground in TX.... Sheena was still so desperate that she needed to drug me to even fight me. I've been doing yoga for over 20 years and I'm trained in 3 different styles. But that dumb jealous pig demanded that I "wouldn't be allowed in the gym unless she trained me." Please. I don't perform for low class trash Sheena, and if you trained me in whatever it is you call yoga I'd be crippled by now.

“All hail the new skank thief jealous pig wannabe General”.

Now the feds know about their gambling spree in Cripple Creek that night too.

Then there’s the Jamaicans....


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