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"Just the Framework"

“But how does it work!” They insist….

Details details. Like I’m supposed to be the one doing their job for them while their own comrades are busy burying information and working against them. Like it’s supposed to be MY job to investigate this.

No assholes. Technically my “job” was to find people that couldn’t be found and make sure they never spoke to people like you ever again.

Until the day came that the people I was trying to protect started to try and frame me and turn me in to the very people I wasted years trying to protect them from.

“But how does it work!?” Where do we start!???

With the money of course. The lifeblood of the whole organization.

You ever see those movies where the mob either bribes you, blackmails you, or makes you disappear. It works just like that, without all the frills and pomp. There is no way to give millions of dollars away or funnel that much money through the US to a single person without it flagging the IRS and other government agencies. It’s too much of a risk, then the IRS gets involved along with homeland security “financial analysts” like Paula and they come in, freeze all the accounts and take it all.

It’s tradition in China to give “gifts” to new businesses.

You’ll notice every “made” “family member” operates their own LLC, Corporation, or multiple. There are US laws in place that allow businesses certain privileges.

It’s all about the money flow. No one ever wondered why a convicted pedophile piece of trash like Jim was running around all of 2020 into now screaming “it’s my business”!!! Of course it was, he wanted all the “gifts” after they used the recipe on me and forced me to hand him over all rights to mine. What would you have done if a pedophile had your children? How else would Jim and Dan have gotten all that money to go Gold Rush placer rights gold mining? All the travel trailers, mining equipment, Dan’s new house, Susan’s gambling sprees, all the jewelry they stole and never told me about because “it would’ve been wasted on me” that Susan passed around to all her friends and gave to my sperm donor "father" Dan to funnel through his jewelry business while he sold off his only daughter for a gold mine to be famous with a pedophile on a "show". No one ever wondered how they were all broke and barely able to afford their bills and Susan and Jim owed more on their second mortgage than their house was even worth until 2019…. When Susan got her “full authority” and Jhihong started flying over to Denver and Ed coincidentally “transferred” into the department over there?

Then all of the sudden it’s “Susan’s cleaning business”.... Only Lynn got all those “tradition business gifts”.... Then it was “Jim’s gold mines” and Jim got all the new travel trailers and the races in Laughlin. Then it was “Cody’s business” and he got his new fleet truck…. Then it was “Wirth’s cleaning business” because supposedly I “couldn’t run the business myself because I was just sooo stupid so Jim was running it for me”....

Then it was Nathan and Meghans’s new moth taxa and their new “gold mining expedition”.... Then it was Jason’s new travel trailer, then it was Thomas’ new travel trailer and Teri’s “new campground in TX”.....

All “traditional new business gifts”....

Meanwhile they all labor and sex trafficked and drugged me the whole while saying “she’s too wasteful with money” “Jim is running it for her” “They’re Jim’s loans”.....

Go figure all that money and all those camping trips, gambling sprees, gold mines, travel trailers, new campgrounds, fashion shows…. All started as a “new business” that Phillip “just needed the framework” for.

They’re all shells….. No more than framework was ever needed. None of them even wrote their own bylaws. If they did they would have known that I wrote mine, which specifically prevented Jim from doing what he did. Go figure I still have a copy of those in pdf.

Then it was “sheena’s business” and their gambling spree…. Then Lauren and Sven wanted in on it….. Lauren got her new travel trailer and wanted my truck to pull it….. Because it was supposedly “her business”.....

It’s sickening how little society pays cops, and even more sickening that all they have to do is start up an LLC and give Phillip “just the framework” and bam…. “Part of the family”.

Even more sickening is the peons that help them for handouts. Like the 5k they gave Lowell PD to simply not patrol a certain area on a specific day when Chim tricked me over there. Or perhaps the 10K they gave Aamodt to have his backseat detailed and redone after the night Ducre gave me a “cup o’ soup” in Madison Park and they used their chiropractor friend Aamodt to help them attempt to break my back and throw me in a dumpster and get me fired.

They’re all so desperate to be ‘accepted”..... Just like Ken was. They don’t care who they have to destroy, ruin, lie about, hurt, or steal from. They all just want a seat at the table and for men like Phillip and Roy to accept “just the framework” so they can get their “traditional business gifts” too…..

And that’s how the Tai Luk Shan owns half if not more of the United States. You wouldn’t even believe the real estate industry in Seattle.

To be continued.


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