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Letters from my "Handler"

Miss Davis 4rm Mr. Kim
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Miss Davis,

I have communicated your request for contact with the lee family and they have asked me to reply. They have been given the history of events and Intel which I possess concerning our past dealings and have no wish to disrupt your favor from with Mr. Gross. They also have no wish to cause you or anyone close to you harm of any kind. They have asked me to tell you that they have plans for the Freitas family which, once carried through, would invariably place the children in the custody of the state however temporary that may be. They believe that you would prefer to have them in your care instead and would like to offer you that opportunity. I have not been given more detail presently but am told simply to ask and await your reply.

They wish you to know several things first however. First and primary among these are that, they are not to be confused with the wongs as they are in no way connected to or possessing foreknowledge of any past transgressions perpetrated by the wongs though their goals are similar with regards to certain individuals. They learned of those events from me alone. Secondly, they will contact you personally and though they use me as a relay presently, will reveal themselves to you in an appropriate form suiting their needs, and lastly, This offer doesn't come without a price. I have been instructed to continue to be a relay until you have accepted or declined their offer. Please give me time to deliver any response as our distance and time zones make this more challenging. Regards, Cheung Kim

Mr. Kim, ~Please transfer this letter to the Lee family EXACTLY as it is without edits or changes. I will be checking, and if I suspect that they are not getting all of the information exactly as I am writing it here I will be contacting them publically to make sure they are aware. With due respect, I also highly suggest that you strive to make sure the entirety of this letter is read and comprehended fully. I do not believe that any form of haste, misinterpretations, or assumptions regarding me, my intelligence, my character, or my intentions as they have been so prevalently ignored or misunderstood in the past would bode well for the future. Forgive me. I mean no rudeness, I simply don’t trust any of you any longer, and with good cause I’m sure you can agree. It’s been over 4 years and you didn’t bother to contact me until you found out I had Tony. I appreciate you updating the Lee/Han family of the intel in which you possess Mr. Kim. I must admit to you however, that if they are half as intelligent as it is my hope they are, and are watching my ‘character’ more closely than Raymond broke his promise to do, they would know that there are documented details of most of the events that I remember concerning Phillip’s twisted reign up on different blog sites and have been since I was released from the mental institution that Phillip thought it would be funny to force me into after they played their sick game again in Rye, NY in the beginning of this year. It was obvious to me then that none of them ever planned to help me, or gave a shit about me, much less alienated/exiled me to “keep me safe”. Allow me to impart to you the two words that got Tony Gross’ attention so profoundly. I remember. Not to mention I also have Phillip on recording telling his pig peons that “he doesn’t care what they do to me he just wants my evidence”. You know Mr. Kim, the same recordings I’ve been telling you on the phone number you provided me that I’ve been making calls to since before December of 2016 back in Seattle, when I was begging you for help, telling you I had them on recording talking about calling in a “specialist” to “make my present scared of my shadow”. Oh yes, you were all still ignoring me back then to “keep me safe”. You know there was one night they injected acetone into my vagina to make sure I didn’t get pregnant. That was until of course Phillip came in February of 2017 to drug me and force me to drink the vial of liquid that was supposedly supposed to make me sterile so they could rape me at their leisure. Did you know he was selling me to parties back then in Seattle? Drugged, helpless all the time telling everyone that I was his “sex slave” and that I was “just drunk and wanted it”. See the thing is Mr. Kim, Raymond obviously didn’t ask me to be his “eyes and ears” if there wasn’t something about me he found useful. As a matter a fact I was re-reading Raymond’s first letter to me just yesterday. The very first one he wrote to me in which he told me “I am confident that you have a number of special talents which we would find useful and mutually profitable.” Sadly, for me back then I was still too naïve and stupid to believe that Raymond ever saw any talent in me whatsoever other than profiting off forcing a gymnastics coach and a Montessori PTA mom to whore on my back. Then he allowed Phillip to profit off of it. For years. To get to the point Mr. Kim, I have Phillip on recording torturing Madison. As I overhear it she was given to Fuat not only once, but twice after the most recent dishonorable “party” on April 30th in which dickless pathetic cowards that don’t have the testicles to talk to a woman without drugging her first played another sick game and then gave Madi back to Fuat. You see Phillip used to take sick pleasure in forcing me to listen to his Bluetooth while he tortured my children, as well as the recordings of what they did to me after they drugged me. I told you about this too, begged for help, was ignored. To my recollection, Daemon was castrated with a pair of garden cutters, then salted, then sodomized, and Madi was raped after I was given a paralytic and they positioned me so that it looked like I was masturbating while the “specialist” I warned you about raped her on film. I also know about and have prepared for the gun that they put into my hands and has my prints on it while they forced me to choose between Todd and Daemon after torturing me and telling me that my son was better off dead than what they would do to him if I didn’t shoot him. You see Phillip was trying to set me up for harming my children. The same ones Raymond gave me his word to return to me UNHARMED. Funny though, Raymond also promised me that I was “safe”, just as Phillip admonished me when I warned him, told him I had proof, begged him for help, and he told me “your reputation is your own responsibility, no one would dare harm you!” You Mr. Kim, you contact me after alienating me, your family allowing me to be drugged, tortured, slandered, fired from jobs that I worked my butt off at, forced to move, and listen alone to recordings of the children you now tell me you are supposedly offering me being tortured. I won’t even get into the sheer insult and audacity of you contacting me the last time to “make yourself feel better” after ignoring me for years not even knowing anything about my children or having any information about them to offer me. So, you want to offer me tortured broken children that despise me after all their innocence has been stripped, and they have been broken and brainwashed. Children which you haven’t even shown the courtesy of proving to me are alive yet and none of the police departments are willing to check on? Two generations now of your elders. Both of which have been dishonorable cowards that hide behind you Mr. Kim, and drugs, and a keyboard and computer screen. Make no mistake, I do NOT blame the Lee or the Han families. I have no quarrel with them. However, in any ‘militant’ organization which you brag everywhere that you are. The Commander is responsible for his subordinates, and when they make mistakes, it is the Commander’s responsibility to clean up the mess and make things right again. I believe it was you that told me yourself Mr. Kim that the Wong family ran the west coast, and the Lee family ran them. The Wong family fucked up, BAD, for years, and they were put in power by the Lee family. Thus, while I do not blame the Lee family for the Wong families dishonor and cowardice, I am quite steadfast in my conviction that it falls on the Lee family to clean up the mess that they allowed. First, I do not confuse the Lee family with the Wong family, I accept that they are not in any way connected. However, make no mistake. They are about to be given a TON of information regarding much of what I know regarding past transgressions perpetrated by the wongs and it falls on the Lee family to decide what to do with it, and how to rectify the damage. Secondly, sure they can contact me personally, and I honestly advise they do, because after two generations of cowardly elders already that hid behind keyboards there is no way in hell I’m working with anyone who doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to meet me in person to discuss any arrangements. My apologies, I do not blame the Lee family for the Wong’s lies and dishonor, but unfortunately the trust bridge that was established of me believing anything ANY of your families may tell me while hiding behind a keyboard was torched a long time ago. From now on I work with honorable people only, and honorable people don ‘t hide behind computers. According to Tony Gross no one in Hawaii really knows who took over, just that someone did, and that they are powerful, and everyone is hiding and scared shitless. According to Tony Gross Wayne Freitas is attempting to secretly sell property and move off the island, and according to my sources the sister Lori Lee Watt already ‘escaped’ and is living in Honolulu. Please allow me to be very clear regarding the traitor Antony Warner Gross/David Taylor/Jeff Ragsdale. I have enough information on him to not only destroy his alliance with the Feds, the syndicates, and whatever friends on Phil’s he may still have lurking in the trough. I’ve made it very clear to him what I know of my children and he also knows me well enough after all the time I was forced to spend with him to know exactly how well I respond to being threatened. Know this Mr. Kim, my children to my only knowledge are broken, tortured, possibly not even alive, and if they are they are terrified of me and despise me. There is no one left that I care enough about for me to give a shit about you threatening. My favorite cousin in the Seattle PD turned his back on me to ally with Phil, my father is a loser, my mother despises me and only cares for me to make herself feel better, and the rest of my family I do not know. Phillip and his pigs have already attempted to and almost accomplished killing me a couple times already, they have drugged me over 30 times and done things to me that will leave me single and alone and barren by choice for the rest of my life, they attempted to torture me once and as I recall I responded by trying to kiss them. I’ve begged for death on multiple occasions, and after finding out that my soul was mutilated, and raped, and “sold to Fuat” there’s really not much after that. I keep no friends as I don’t trust anyone enough. So, regarding the “Lee family not wishing to cause me or anyone close to me any harm” forgive my chuckle when I say it’s a bit too little too late for that. Phillip already was allowed his destruction and the only leverage you may have ever had on me is broken or gone now. My children would be better off dead than living through the hell of what I was forced to listen to by Phillip and his sick recordings. I don’t fear death, and I no longer fear being alone. I don’t give a shit if they hurt anyone else I’m related to. None of them give a shit about me, and just FYI my cousin in Seattle PD was already reported to internal affairs. I deal with traitors be they related to me or not and as far as I’m concerned Ducre got lucky in my retribution. I warned him about my children, begged him to check on them, he promised me he would, then listened to Phillip’s pigs instead and ignored me and never called me. Now look where my children are. Quite honestly, I’m sick and tired of being ignored. A “fake report card” doesn’t fly when I will be demanding DNA tests. I must say Mr. Kim, that after your last discourse to me in which “you didn’t know of hardly any of the people I spoke of”, now after I tell you that I’ve started picking off the Maki council and their descendants you recognize the Tavares, and the Avellino’s. How about the Allencaster's and the Kekona's or the Higa’s and Ambrose? Did you know that Ambrose literally get off jacking off to torture and rape videos? Did you know that Phillip gave your “recipe” to a crew of backwater illiterate moke pigs and now you have islands full of degenerate trash running around with a poison recipe from “the Mexican” that turns people into mindless helpless zombies? No matter if it almost kills them or leaves them in a coma though. Do you know they were bragging about using it on you and your women? Phillip boasted about using it on Tony. Tony wasn’t too happy about that. I imagine no one would be. I asked you to convince me Mr. Kim. I’ve already given your families combined four years of my loyal service in which you broke every promise you ever made to me, even the simple ones like “answers that would give my mind peace”, you’ve allowed me to be drugged, tortured, slandered, raped, my children to be brainwashed and harmed… My loyalty to your families has cost me my children, the only family I had, everything I have built multiple times, my car that I was paid over 10K into, my previous business, my dog, my health, my sleep, four jobs now, my family, my friends, my reputation… did you know they made twitter pages and websites of my rapes? Did you know they sold me and made thousands allowing other’s rape me? All while Raymond ignored me to “keep me safe”. I’m not even going to get into the material possessions I’ve lost, tens of thousands, not limited to priceless irreplaceable things like pictures and Mother’s Day gifts. Phillip slandered me in every city I went. Even here in Boston, and you think to come to me now demanding a “price”? I’m going to assume that you are making a jest. With due respect, I’m going to be very blunt here so that there is no confusion between any of us as there has been so many times in the past. I REMEMBER. July 2016. December 2016. February 2017. July 2017, October 2017, and January of 2018, and April of 2018. Quite vividly in fact, and I have recorded over 4000 pages documenting all of it and a good majority of what I recall from my 13 years in Hawaii. I am adding to it daily. I’ve also safely tucked away the original manuscript with caretakers in many different locations across the united states with instructions to release it all should I become harmed, imprisoned, or otherwise incapacitated, or detained. Tony Gross is now mine, if he is smart, which is debatable, but inconsequential to me in the big picture either way. The Freitas family, as well as the rest of the pigs in Hawaii I can handle quite competently myself, and would have a long time ago if Phillip had not been allowed to get in my way and fund the very people that were torturing me. I can lay those islands to smouldering waste quite skillfully and gleefully I might add all by myself. I’ve gotten quite good at being self-sufficient during Phillip’s sadistic cowardly commanded ‘exile’. As to the Feds, I have them on entrapment, and they know it. I also have proof of them ‘participating’ on multiple occasions in order to catch you and yours thereby rendering me rather useless to them as a “witness”, and yes, I have this on recording too. At this point it is my belief that they simply ignore me and let me have my fun and simply take down the mess after I am finished, which in truth after years of collecting evidence in multiple states will last for a very long time. Please Mr. Kim, pray tell, what are you offering me that even comes close to compensating what my years of loyalty to your families has cost me? My children? Odd, big bad Raymond Wong promised that, and look where we are now. I have also not failed to recognize that he hid behind a computer as well. No one has even proved to me that they are alive and unharmed, quite the contrary in fact if my recordings are truth and not some sick sadistic mental game of Phillips. Of that I will find out either way with or without your assistance. If I go to jail I am taking over a hundred people with me, and if I am harmed or killed that same group of people will end up in jail anyways. I’m quite curious after Phillip’s insistence that “my reputation is my own responsibility” while he allowed people to drug me, torture me, slander me, get me fired, rape me, and destroy my life multiple times if he ever once asked himself what the famous Wong family would do if recordings of Phillip forcing Madi to learn her first blowjob on his useless waste of a penis made it to news rooms across the country. Perhaps he was too busy throwing parties to care? You think to ask ME for a ‘price”? Perhaps I should remind you that it is the mess of the families that were allowed in power by your families that still OWE ME. A good majority of you are not in jail right now because I protected you, then Phillip was allowed to turn around and attempt to set me up and put me in jail for my efforts. Being loyal to your families cost me years of my life, and you think to come to me asking for MY information that I begged to give you for years while you ignored me as ask ME for a “price”? Do what you must, but know this. If you wish an alliance with me you had better come in person and you had better be bearing gifts. I no longer work for fancy promises and hope. ESPECIALLY the same exact promise that none of you were able to keep before. That lesson you can thank your last two elders for. The last time I spoke to you Mr. Kim you didn’t even know anything about my kids. You said you contacted me “to make yourself feel better”, you didn’t even have enough courtesy for me to check on them before writing to vent to me to tell me “you knew they would never return them to me”. Now you are magically offering them to me again when just a short while ago you knew absolutely nothing about them. How lovely. The way I look at it you have two choices. After what has been allowed the last four years to me and mine you and yours can either be polite and nice and repair what was broken or you can get the hell out of my way and watch the entire thing go up like Cherynoble while I laugh maniacally like a banshee and drag us all down to hell. Hawaii means nothing to me, nor does Seattle or New York they can all sink to the bottom of the ocean or rip themselves apart as far as I am concerned. I’m already selling information to pay my bills after the games and slander here have been allowed to screw with my business once again. I don’t personally give a care who buys my information. As far as I’m concerned, its first come first served. You expect to ask me for a “price” when you cannot even prove that what you offer me is alive and unharmed all while you are hiding behind a computer. I must say Mr. Kim, after four years I would shoot my own self in the head if I were still foolish enough to fall for that a third time. Prove it and do it in person and I would highly suggest you not threaten me. The we can talk. Phillip has already seen how well I respond to threats, and Tony Gross is sure as hell smart enough to know better now. Also know that I’m no fool, giving me back broken and tortured children that are terrified of me that the state will take away from me again anyways is never a bargain I would accept. If they despise me and are that terrified of me then perhaps they are better with the state. If they are even still alive and in one piece. Then perhaps we can make a deal, until then I’m moving forward with my own plans. Fancy words and internet promises from imaginary men that haven’t yet had the balls, the dignity, or the courtesy to talk to me in person without drugging me first are not going to sway me this time. Especially when I remember them drugging me the last time. I told them that “if they were truly going to offer me anything I wished then I wished them to leave me the hell alone!” Who would believe a bunch of lies and false promises made from cowards that must drug a woman before having the balls to talk to her anyways. You guys want to play more games, fine do it by yourself, you want to kill me, fine I’ve been begging for it for years anyways, you want to torture me go for it, they have been for years not much tops the pig and the recordings of my kids, and the way I look at it, it would be my penance for the years of pain I caused my children by not telling Raymond to go fuck himself with his lies and plans to make me “his whore” in the first place. Your families allowed me to be made me what I am today through years of tortures, alienation, slander, humiliation, and anguish. I am not the same simpering heart wishing stupidly full of hope and faith idiot woman that you met all those years ago Mr. Kim. I have learned extremely well what happens to women like me who are loyal to those that never gave a shit about me in the first place. You people want my services, which I might say I’ve become quite skilled at, then you can pay me for them, as I have been owed for YEARS, and ‘promises and smoke and air from some invisible person behind a computer’ isn’t going to cut it this time. I called the Maui police department this morning and informed their desk Sargent that I reported their dirty cops, namely the ones involved in the rape ring to the FBI and asked him to check on my children. He said he didn’t like my use of the word “damn” and hung up on me. Again, an arrogant hubris moron ignores me, what fun I’m going to have with this one. I learned well over the years of hell that they can’t set you up if there’s so much information out there they would bring themselves down with you if they tried. ;) I do hope to hear from the Lee’s, according to Tony everyone is terrified of them, as for me I’m just excited that after four years someone from any of your families finally has the balls to step up and speak to me to my face without drugging me first. It was quite offensive to me that you all believed the lies about me. Or after multiple tries and my insistence and multiple disclaimers to your families that I’ve woken up four times in my life under surgical anesthesia and told you about my immunity to almost all opioids and their derivatives and that your “truth serums’ and ‘insurances’ and your fucking poisons DON’T WORK ON ME like they do everyone else. In all honesty that hurt almost worst of all. That’s pretty much what tipped it, how could any of you believe that ANY woman would ‘want’ that? So much for “studying my character huh?” You all just listened to the lies and avoided meeting me because “it wasn’t worth your time.” Who knows. Perhaps it’s fixable, perhaps not. Honestly after everything I don’t really care either way. I’m simply enjoying setting up for the impending show. I told Phillip what would happen if he screwed with me in Boston. He decided to call my bluff. So be it. Admittedly I’m rather excited for this. It’s going to make Tony Gross’ pathetic temper tantrum look like a childhood game of candy land. You all believed them. They sabotaged my initiation on purpose back in July of 2016 and you all believed it and let them sell me to Wayne Freitas for $500 bucks. Then in February of 2017 he supposedly cared SOOOO much that he allowed me to be drugged, gang raped and threatened before the proposal, then wondered why I went crazy. No one even bothered to tell me I was married, or divorced. Which I must say is also completely freaking illegal. Nowhere in any of the united states is a drugged forced marriage under threats drugs and duress legal. It was allowed though, and you all believed that I “wanted it” because of your stupid ridiculous traditions and your fucked-up drugs that DON’T WORK RIGHT ON ME! Even when I told you all I had proof, you still believed them and let it continue. Then you let them do it again on April 30th this year, and you believed the lies AGAIN. Now you want MY evidence for a “price”? To be crystal clear Mr. Kim I don’t need your help putting my children in foster care. I could have done that years ago if I hadn’t trusted Raymond. I don’t need your help crippling the west coast underground, why do you think they were so desperate for Phillips help destroying me in the first place? Not to mention any loyalty I showed any of them was swiftly rewarded with cruelty and more lies. As far as I’m concerned there’s not an honorable soul among the bunch, let them all burn. And as terrible as it sounds I’m not sure I even really want children that despise me and are so terrified of me the state would take them away from me even if you could give them back to me, assuming they are even alive and not ripped in half. We shall see I suppose. I look forward to your reply. It is my hope that the Lee family has more tact and common sense, than Phillip’s blunt thinking threats and assumptions regarding my “character” that he so obviously didn’t know a damn thing about. There is definitely potential is an alliance that could be beneficial to us both, but it’s not going to happen behind a computer or with more ‘future promises’ that I don’t believe. I am quite optimistic that we could work well together. I also firmly believe that my many skillsets could be quite useful to your families if only you all would quit treating me like a walking vagina. To be clear I do not blame the Lee family for the Wong’s dishonor, but it seems it is their mess to clean up now, and if they wish to be allies with me then they are going to have to come up with something more than hiding and promises that I don’t believe they can keep.

Due Regards, Kelly Davis AKA Katherine Quinn AKA Evangeline Quince AKA Abigail Dean AKA Temperance Slade AKA Songbir


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