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Nesbit Ave. N, CrossFit Deliverance, & Fuat

2017 In Seattle was a very difficult time for me. The incidents that occurred in Greenlake, Seattle, WA at my apartment on Nesbit Ave, were horrific, and I still haven’t been able to talk in detail about what Todd and Ambrose and Chris and Phillip were doing to me when they were flying over from HI and taking “leave” from their relative duty stations. I moved from Nesbit Ave. N in Greenlake, WA to Madison Park on… I had gone to Northwest Medical Center 3 separate times in the winter of 2016 Nov 13, 18, and Dec 12. Phillip and Todd made jokes about how I spent the day before my birthday that year “alone” and in bed. I spent every birthday after that being drugged and tortured as my “present”, In December of 2016 I attempted to file a police report with Greenlake police department on these incidents, and the fact they were flying over from Hawaii with my children and keeping them in an apartment next door. I also attempted to file a report on the incident that occurred when they called in their “specialist” on November 11th, 2016. Essentially Phillip, drunk with power and his new “authority” wanted to flex and “hire a specialist” didn’t matter to him that it was on a 3-year-old boy and an innocent woman. He wanted to make certain that “the whole family knew that he was in control without question, and that he would never take orders from a whore.” So, he told Hawaii CID and SWAT and then men in Greenlake their “friends at the gym”, that they had gotten involved that “he didn’t care what they did to me, he just wanted my evidence”. I also attempted to file police reports on the rapes that were happening at Crossfit Deliverance February 1st, 2017 – Torture party with Todd and Ambrose, Ben Walters, and CrossFit Deliverance in Greenlake, Seattle WA at 8816 Nesbit Ave N Apt #104 Greenlake, Seattle, WA 98103 *Phillip in Town February 6th – 9th 2017 – Multiple rape parties at the CrossFit Deliverance Gym in Seattle WA at 4535 Union Bay Pl NE Seattle WA 98105 (13 Minute Drive between my apartment in Nesbit Ave to CFD on Union Bay Pl NE) No one listened, and I have been attempting to get copies of those police reports for over 3 years now. My medical records of the incidents exist, and the reports from the doctors in their notes that it was reported to the police departments. Nothing was ever done about any of it. They just wrote me off as “crazy”. I moved to Madison Park, Seattle, WA in early spring of 2017. To an apartment right in town and started working for Dr. Anthony Aamodt at NW Sports and Rehab, a physical therapy and chiropractic office. I didn’t know it when I was offered the job there but, Dr. Anthony Aamodt was the Chiropractic Dr. for a lot of the men that worked out at Crossfit Deliverance. A couple weeks after I was offered a “job” working as the front desk assistant to Dr. Aamodt. That was also when the rapes started again. That’s also when they found out where I was living, and also when they moved into the apartment next door with my children.

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