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Dear REAL Federal Government,

I don’t understand why this is so hard for you to understand. Perhaps it’s because you spent all these years entrapping and framing an honorably discharged disabled innocent woman because Phillip told you to and gave you access to a hundreds of millions of dollars slush fund.

It wasn’t bad enough Tennessee? Ken’s “show” there that made him famous and he paraded me out on a stage and sold me for $10 because of an ingrown hair and me not being allowed to shower or wax or sleep for days.

It wasn’t bad enough Lauren and Sven’s child porn show in a shit hole gravel parking lot in TN because Lauren was so desperate to be part of Phil’s cult that she literally scopolamined me and forced me to stand there immobile while she pranced around and made a video of my son being raped for an hour trying to frame me for that. The federal prosecutor had to bail her out of that one.

You let her do it again with May 28th. You let her torture and mutilate a good man instead of a child this time. Gee that escalated.

Then Coweta County Sheriff’s Department and “Investigator” Noles refused to allow me to report it. They had some freak show call me for weeks trying to mind fuck me. All because Lauren scopolamined me and video recorded that “show” too and tried to frame me with that, then she went and had a “fashion show” and spent it all “gambling” and bought a fancy new car. Which any REAL investigator would have been able to research and catch in a second.

Instead you let her report LIES first, and because "Lauren already reported it" you refused to allow me to report it because you didn’t want to do more paperwork and were too busy framing me with Lauren’s torture show and a suicide note that I was so drugged out of my mind I thought was a love letter and thanked him for.

They lied and said I was “drunk” and somehow showed up naked and unwaxed to a “party” I was never invited to, never told about, never told the location to…. After they drugged me and stuck a needle in my leg and kidnapped me out of my house in Coweta County Sheriff’s Department jurisdiction and they REFUSE to allow me to report it because “Lauren spent all the money” and they don’t want that trailer trash piece of filth that tortures puppies, good men, children, and honorably discharged disabled veterans to get caught.

Let me be clear “Investigator” Noles, I already called the federal government myself, and reporters. Since obviously the only “case you forwarded to them” was Lauren’s fabricated drugged entrapment federally illegal constitutionally illegal frame job.

She didn’t get her way in TN so you fucks let her do it again and escalate here in GA. How about NO.

You don’t want to do your job then you shouldn't have a badge Noles.

So I called the REAL FBI, and I have a recording of that phone call reporting Lauren and May 28th, 2023, and YOU Noles and all the screenshots of your lying emails and the fact that your Captain REFUSES to call me back so now I’m calling internal affairs AGAIN to get you swine to DO YOUR JOB.

I’m sick of it. “Agent in charge Trailer Trash” is NOT getting her way this time.

I’m turning in everyone who was there. EVERYONE. Including all the dirty cops and Ken. Who never gave a fuck about me anyways and just wanted to "be famous' and have access to the slush fund.

“Her son was so scared of her”.

Maybe that’s because the only time you’ve ever let me see him in the last 7 years was when I was drugged out of my mind or being raped by dogs or making him scream “please mommy please noooooo” “Please want me mommy PLEASE!!!!!” While you drag him away to be tortured for “another 6 months”. I don't even believe those two children you blackmail me with are alive anymore. Phil probably shot them. Go figure Oran Satterfield from MPD can't produce that report either.

Now Ken is in jail and that pig filth sex trafficker thief of millions Lauren is on a revenge rampage. Because YOU fucks let her do it in the first place.

I’ll see you all in hell, and on the news.

You don’t want to do your jobs. Fine. I’ll do it for you.

Phil "PROMISED" Lauren she could "put me in jail". Didn't you know "Agent in Charge Trailer trash" Phil NEVER keeps his promises. Neither does Rumplestilsken Raymond. They're all dishonorable rapist filth. Tony could have told you that 9 years ago. I should have listened.

I gave you a VERY good offer swine. Better than you ever deserved after 7 freaking years of LIES and drugged rapes and hell so pig Phil could have his "sacrifice" and his sick freak drugged rape and torture "show". YOU fucks didn't want it, Lauren needed a "fashion show".

So go rot. I'll see you all on the news with Grey and his pathetic "advertised' fight with Lauren over MY truck that never happened because I walked away and saved his ass and Ken.


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