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Operator vs Princess

For two years I worked as an operative for Raymond.

“Raymond’s eyes and ears”....

Ultimately my mission was supposed to be simple. To collect enough intelligence on the criminal informant Tony and those that helped him ie. Todd, Reyes, Ambrose, Avelino, Rich, etc. and ultimately the Freitas’ as well to prevent Tony from blackmailing Raymond and the family ever again.

For those two years Tony paraded me around as his “whore”. Todd threw drugged rape parties with the hawaiians at houses all over Maui. It started at a house on makawao Ave and from there spread over to Kihei, and then into Seattle where they got my cousin Ducre involved. And that was when Crossfit deliverance got involved and the gyms started…..

Raymond never trusted Phillip, and when he found out that Phillip was ultimately helping the traitors and the federal government betray one of the family (me) and blackmail him (Raymond) it caused a great rift in the family and the ‘war’ between Phillip and Raymond began.

Raymond was sick, and after Phillips show in which he and Todd and the Hawaiians put on on July 26th, 2016 in which they tortured me for 8 hours and forced me to say that I supposedly “wanted to be a whore instead of a mother and Phillip’s princess”.... Phil had his excuse, Tony got what he wanted, Todd was “safe” from blackmail, and I was the “sacrifice”....

I guess Phillip never counted on the fact that all he did was allow himself to be blackmailed by everyone at that “show” forever after.

And that was the inception of Phillip’s “show”. For what better way to get rid of an operative and keep her quiet than to frame her with the federal government. Which Phillip blatantly bragged to me that he would do in a letter that coincidentally I still have.

I worked as an operative for Raymond for 2 years, the whole time being promised that if I performed well enough they would give me my children back. I will never speak of any of the missions Raymond sent me on for any reason, except the last one….

The last one in which the traitor Tony told me during interrogation of his plans with the federal government to betray everyone. The whole mission was a set up. And so I packed up and left him there to be found minutes later by his fed buddies naked and jacking off with me gone.

Phillip never spoke to me, never debriefed me, he never even had the honor to do that. He simply “punished me” for “failing” my mission.

Which is how three months later they called in a pakistani torture specialist named Fuat to use the recipe on me and make a movie with my son, my daughter and himself.

I’m quite sure you all know of this video. It’s the same one Susan passes around in an attempt to frame me for supposedly “mutilating my son”.

To be continued….


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