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Psycho Stalker Susan and her federally illegal poison "medication"... um, no

You know, it's quite insane really. I thought I was supposed to be the "crazy" one.

I would have gone quietly and willingly and peacefully if they would have just been nice.

All they had to do was keep those psycho abusive cult pig bitches away from me.

But no, he's not even "powerful" enough to manage that.

I'm not letting them "break my arms", or letting Susan poison me on "medication" that I was never prescribed and she has no legal right to have authority over anyways.

I'm not letting them "put me in diapers" because frothing at the mouth jealous greedy cow Susan demands I be uglier than her.

I'm not letting cult pig Lauren abuse me ever again, and I don't personally care about their "acceptance". I was already accepted in 2016. I still have Raymond's letter. I've seen how that evil abuse rape cult from hell treats their "acceptance".

"She can't pass the test".... well maybe that's because they rig the test every time so trailer trash can steal and go gambling and have fashion shows.

I just don't care anymore.

I'm not letting those filth bitches poison me ever again so they can all complain about "how homely she looks" and "how bad she smells"....

I'll heal, a couple months off that poison and Laurens acid face cream and some yoga and I'll heal.

You know what won't heal though?

Everything I'm handing in.

There is no bargaining with rabid dogs that have no sense of self preservation.

My cabin in the woods and my retirement would have cost less than ONE of those evil bitches gambling sprees.

I "cannot pass the test" because Phillip's "recipe" does not work right on me and it never has. I wake up under anesthesia. I have since I was 3. It's medically documented. I'm also a remote viewer.

That's what happens when cult filth like that gets their hands on something rare and unique and special, they destroy it based on lies so their jealous pigs can lie and steal....

"She can't pass the test"...

What a joke, I remember your "tests" and you don't even follow your own traditions. Filth.

"She's so sexual" "all she ever wants is sex".... you mean because you let those filth cunts poison me and mix the "recipe" with viagra and ecstasy and then cram things in my vagina before you walk in and "question"me?

Your "test" is a dishonorable rigged joke, just like your "acceptances" and your "just the framework".....

There's no bargaining with rabid dogs.

So fine, no more going peacefully.

Red. Button. Time.


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