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"She has to forgive"...

Perhaps you forget liar thief abusive filth trailer trash Susan. I renounced my catholic faith after you drugged me and gave me to Mexican rapist cult filth scum in the church parking lot to rape and then you talked the priest into refusing my confessions and denying me communion. I do NOT "have to forgive" you anything you disgusting jealous greedy old thieving hag. Now take that trailer trash swine low class filth that calls themselves my "family" who never even knew me or cared until there was money to be had and go back to the gutter where I found you. You have some nerve talking about MY DD214, which isn't even legal for you to be passing around and lying about my HONORABLE discharge you disgusting pig cow. YOU were never even in the military, YOU couldn't even manage your own clothing business. YOU never had children of your own because you married a pedophile, and YOU lost your "status' because of that pedophile you married. I am NOT your leg up in society so you can be popular you disgusting old hag. YOU cannot even take care of your own colon. Now quit lying about diapers when YOU are the one that wears them you low class no etiquette pig whore filth. Just curious, do you think they'll allow you your dentures when you're in federal prison? I mean, I know I "need braces" because my munchausen's mother never gave two fucks about me other than to try and cut me up to get attention, but YOU, Susan, do you think they'll just give you your dentures back before meal times in federal prison or let you keep them? Do you think they'll ration your depends?


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