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Susan's Crock of LIES #1

"Wasn't qualified".... "abuse pig Susan didn't want her doing yoga because "she wasn't qualified"....

Um. No. IDK what is wrong with you mentally you evil old thieving hag but you don't "qualify" in yoga. Not the way Pattabhi Jois and Krishnamacharya taught it.

You cannot "fail" yoga. Yoga is literally the yoking of the body and mind. There is no one else's opinion but your own. You don't "qualify" you just keep practicing.

You cannot "fail" yoga by completing a Core Power Hot Yoga certification class and then just never turning in the paperwork because you realize that teaching in that manner goes against everything you were taught by old school teachers.

You cannot "not be qualified" when I've studied ashtanga, hatha, pranayama, bikram, hot yoga, pilates, gymnastics, aerial silks, and multiple other styles for over twenty years now.

Like Susan is one to talk.

That evil pig liar just wanted to torture me by not letting me practice and do something she knows I love in my soul.


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