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Susan's federally illegal "full authority"

TRIGGER WARNING - This Blog contains true witness accounts of rape, clergy abuse, sex trafficking, money laundering, labor trafficking, and abuse. Read ONLY at your own expense. Please refer to blog disclaimer on Main Page.

Over the last four years my “family” has made quite the debacle of themselves. All based on lies.

For the longest time I was so terrified, and alone, and sick off being poisoned, and worried for my children I didn’t know what to do. No matter where I turned it was hopeless, and I was ultimately alone.

I couldn’t understand it. Starting with my father’s phone call in 2019 and him telling me “Susan will never turn me against my daughter, do you hear me, Kel? Never.” It should have struck me back then that not once in all my 41 years has that man ever kept his word. That one statement alone also pretty much proved one of my fears, that Susan was indeed trying.

She had been drugging me since Bullhead City with the help of pedophile Jim, and Jhihong, and Todd. And no matter how many times I called my father for help during those first months in Denver of 2019 he always brushed it off, until it turned into him screaming at me and blaming me for “making him sick with all the stress”.

It wasn’t until new years eve of 2019 up in Golden CO and Matt’s “party” that Susan won him over. They scopolamined me and kidnapped me from my night job at Gilpin Community Center as a janitor and paraded me around that party drugged out of my mind. My mother told me “she regretted giving birth to me” that night.

My father Dan was never any prize. I was always more of a psychiatrist to him. At 15 I knew more about the woes of his sex life than his therapist did, and our bonding times were spent driving around blowing up mailboxes with M-80’s he had “acquired”. Before I met my ex husband Chris the one time I did see him he was more jealous of the money I was making and my new tacoma than anything else. All he could complain about was “how broke he was” and “how miserable sarah made him because she controlled all the money.” I felt bad for him and loaned him $800 dollars that he wanted “to not tell sarah about so he had some pocket money that she didn’t control”.... I never saw a cent of that money back. I felt bad for him and bought a $1400 dollar citrine and gold pendant out of his shop in AZ to give him some revenue. He was later just pissed at me because he said “Sarah gave him hell that I got the citrine”..... The only time we spent bonding we spent in his run down old antique store smoking weed and hiding out from Sarah while he bragged about his deals with his redneck friends and the LSD he kept hidden from her in his freezer in the shop.

Then in 2017 when I was in Greenlake he told me he was coming for a visit. I was so excited. He was coming to see me, and this was right after the torture on July 26th, 2016 and the move to Seattle. I thought he was coming to support me. Turns out he had rented a U-Haul, and set up a “test drive” on a jeep cherokee that he found for sale in the paper, and had convinced the wife of the seller to let him test drive it while her husband was at work. He bragged to me for weeks after about how he had it all planned out, found the perfect spot in the woods with the perfect area and the perfect slope and used wooden planks to drive the Jeep right up into the back of the U-haul and leave town with it. He laughed when he told me about the state trooper that drove by him and looked in his window, and “father” dearest gave me an hour long speech about his psychological prowess and exactly the hand gestures he used and the facial expressions he maintained to look at the cop and make himself appear to be a bored and exhausted “interstate mover”. Turns out he was never actually coming to “visit” me or support me after the torture. He just needed an alibi.

That was all I ever knew of Dan, oh there were so many stories like that from my childhood. Like the time my father ripped off a biker and then hid on the roof and let my mother deal with it while the guy threatened her and she lied to him and told him he wasn't home and she knew nothing about it. He used to brag to me about how he switched out real diamonds for CZ’s in his repair jobs and laughed at the “rich old bitches” that came to him for work. When they moved he just took all those jobs with him and never told anyone where their jewelry went. A few of them sued him, and he hushed it up and Sarah paid them off.

Thus it really shouldn’t come as any surprise to me that he broke to Susan and Jim and all the money they stole.

Susan and her pretend federally illegal “conservatorship” that no one ever mentioned to me so I couldn’t fight it.

I could never understand why so many people in CO were all going around saying “Susan has full authority”.... Until I got Lawyers into digging recently.

The administration of a conservatorship is a legal proceeding. While details will vary across jurisdictions, an officer or appointee of the court must be the one to grant a conservatorship. This matter is typically handled by either a state probate court or a family court with hearings typically held by a judge or a magistrate. Further, an individual has the right to challenge a conservatorship in court if they disagree with the outcome. This is because a conservatorship involves stripping a free adult of certain aspects of his or her freedom. No court may do that without granting the individual in question the right to be heard.

A "court" in Denver which I am now going to reporters about and suing the pants off of because they granted Susan legal rights without me even being present or knowing anything about it or even allowing me to speak. I was at home at Susan and Jim's house in Denver on Bucknell Pl. drugged out of my mind.

Susan and Jhihong knew they coudlnt’ get around that part because it was medically documented for years that there was nothing medically wrong with me, I had never really “threatened suicide” as she incessantly lied about which is why she has no real proof of it, and her recorded “she’s drunk” shows were all reproted to multiple police departments for exactly what they were. Susan drugging me.

So the sick old hag found a way around all that. They found a woman named Jaine Gordon that looked somewhat like me, only about 40lbs heavier and who wore glasses. I have 20/20. Susan kept me drugged and with the help of the Huang family, and Ed who "transferred to Denver in 2019" and 'wanted to show off to his students", and their paid off Judges Susan and Jim took Jaine to court and pretended she was me. This was back in 2019 so anyone who actually looked at the court videos would see the discrepancy and the fraud. Susan and Jim even took Jaine on the family vacation with them the next year pretending she was me to play it off. No one in the family knew me so they all believed it. Jainie put on quite a show. Even driving around a brand new polaris like a bumper car to prove “she can’t drive”.

Thing is, I have copies of all Jainie’s real birth certificates, and social security card, and drivers license. I’ve spoken to her sister in NY. Which is where Susan and Jim shipped Jaine off back to after she played her part long enough and they were just able to keep me drugged and poisoned while Susan went around telling everyone “she needs her medication” and they took the rest of the family off gambling and to the Polaris races and blew through millions….

Thing is I checked, and have spoken to many lawyers. What Susan and Jim did was federal fraud on multiple levels. And my sperm donor father helped them in exchange for gold mines and a new house.

Which is also why Susan was so desperate to follow me across the country filing false police reports… because if anyone ever found out the truth, well, you know what they do to convicted pedophiles in jail.

Now they all tell me I need to “be more Christian” and “learn to forgive”, and “how could I ruin my own family by reporting them”....

Thing is…. Susan….. You helped drug me and had me raped by a bunch of Mexicans in the St. Paul of the Cross Church parking lot in Atlanta, then you went to the Catholic Archdioceses in Atlanta and got them to help you too, all based on lies and fraud. Does the Church know it’s federally illegal to help sex traffickers and take blood money for “donations”?

Because reporters are about to.

Oh and as far as that “you need to be more Christian and forgive” thing…. I was raped in a parking lot of a catholic church and Father Jerome wouldn’t even take my confession about it because Susan and Cristina and Lauren and Sheena were in there all the time giving them “donations” and lying about how “she shouldn’t be allowed communion”....

Thing is Susan, you’re a fraud, and you have no legal authority and never did. And when we go to court for REAL this time, because make no mistake it will be ME this time and not Jim's hooker, you’re going to federal prison with your pedophile. “More forgiving”.... bullshit.

Your Catholic “love” it what turned me Luciferian you gambling addicted con artist abusive lying money grubbing scandalous sex trafficking old hag.

Which, I will admit, ultimately I am thankful for in part. I much prefer knowledge and truth over brainwashed sheep cult rapes and lies and fraud and abuse.

See you in court. Along with everyone who helped you and every cent you spent and where. I’m turning you all in.

Go pray. Maybe your Catholic rape god will save you.


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