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Tennessee and the "company" that turned their backs and walked away...

TRIGGER WARNING and DISCLAIMER - This post details real life witness recollections of child abuse. DO NOT READ if you are sensitive to or are triggered by such events.

The events that occurred after I left the safe house at TESSA in Colorado Springs with Sven and Lauren chasing me so she could get her new travel trailer and be “accepted” into Phillip’s cult were some of the most terrifying of my life.

I could never figure out how a civilian woman like Lauren or Susan got so much self proclaimed “authority”. Lauren and Susan along with Sheena.... and even before them when I was up in Denver when Christina controlled me and used to enjoy scopolamining me for “episodes” and using me for her medical experiments with Jhihong.

Cristina was a nurse practitioner studying to be a full MD and used me as a practice dummy for procedures for Phillips “show”. I’ve written about the enplanon in the past, as well as what they did to my right ovary, and perhaps I will write about it all again someday as all it would take is a real medical team not being threatened by a fake “federal discovery investigation” and a group of psychotic women brassing around with “full medical authority” to actually do a full examination of me to get proof, but in all honesty I will never allow that to happen because I am utterly convinced that with men like Phillip offering hospitals 5M to “operate” on me I simply wouldn’t wake up.

Even the ER in Colorado Springs that I went to to try and get medical assistance didn’t help me, they simply set up the basement for another of Lauren’s torture “shows” then planned to euthanize me and then lie and tell everyone that I supposedly OD’d...... thus the reason I ran, and drove all the way to GA from CO sitting on a rubber doughnut. No one was even supposed to know I was in the ER that night except TESSA, which I learned quickly enough after meant that Lauren and Susan and Sven and Sheena and Alex and ultimately Phillip knew as well.

But looking back on it all, even that pales in comparison to that drive from CO where it took every ounce of willpower I had simply to keep going.

Looking back on it now that I’m not longer being poisoned on Susan’s “medications” and being repeatedly dosed on Phillip’s “recipe.... as my head clears and I start to heal there are moments when all I can do is face palm. I’ve learned the value of being calm in the past in extreme stress situations, and in this instance I wanted to kick myself for overlooking so much in my panic. “Sit, wait, and fast” my teacher used to tell me, whenever I would get so worked up that I could not function out of a place of peace and control. The whole world, and all of life could be viewed as a vast raging river or ocean. One cannot fight it without being destroyed, where there is no resistance there can be no harm. “Flow like water.” even Bruce Lee knew this....

But there was something in that ”medication” that Susan was poisoning me with that left me unable to think. There was an aspect of speed to it that ultimately left me unable to sleep, running around in circles, unable to think clearly, and yet also unable to relax. It dried out the body like a husk and took away the appetite completely so that I didn’t eat, I couldn’t drink water, my skin dried out like paper in the sun, and I would go for days unable to sleep and do anything other than rage. Lauren and Susan and “Ken” of course followed me at their leisure, and rented posh hotel rooms, and got long hot baths and good meals, and clean beautiful clothes, and as much rest as they needed. Then they would take adderrall and the chase would begin again. I was lucky if I was getting showers at truck stops and camp grounds. Lauren just loved to make snide comments about “how bad my truck smelled, and how hideous I was”.... Of course it did, and of course I was. Susans’ “medications” sucked all the vitality out of me. That is what happens to women that “sorority” from hell sees as “competetion”.

I could never figure out how they were achieving what they were, as in fact Susan is nothing more that a gambling addict abuser that married a convicted pedophile and Lauren is a chiropractor with a real estate license and was never anything more than Alex and Sheena’s neighbor and friend who helped Sheeana abuse me at their March 2022 “ring match” scopolamined abuse torture “show”.

Then after I had time to sit down and think and go over all Phillips letters, and Kim’s letters to me.... I had the ultimate face palm moment. Or a couple to be precise. I found the GPS tracker on my truck, which is how they were able to chase me around like a scared mouse at their leisure and yet knew where I was every time I moved. I started reading back through Phillips letters and threats and realized how it was that Lauren was getting bailed out by the federal prosecutor’s “favors”.... the “show in Tennessee is perhaps one I will never speak of in full detail.

That is another of those instances that is so heinous there are just no words, in essence it wasn’t even Phillips “show” in Tennessee that was so horrific to me, as I’ve been victim to those “shows” and him making more “episodes” for years.... it was the incident that occurred in a small town outside of Nashville right before then. In a tiny gravel parking lot in a tiny little town I arrived before them, and knowing what they were doing I called the PD about their stalking and Lauren’s claims about her supposedly “owning my truck”. When they arrived in the department the officers were already waiting for them. I am quite sure that the Sgt. I spoke with was more surprised that what I told him was true than anything else. However, when they didn’t get what they wanted from the PD they decided to take matters into their own hands, and while I was attempting to get some rest in the backseat of my truck in a parking lot in that small town one night they scopolamined me again.

When I had time to sit, wait, and fast it hit me also... dip switches. I was top of my class interior communications in the Navy. This was perhaps the ultimate face palm moment that left me angry with myself.... in the back of almost every key fob, garage door opener, any clickable key fob of any kind there are a series of dip switches that form a specific code as a series of numbers. All one needs to have a copy of your key fob is access to your keys for perhaps 10 seconds, simply take off the back cover and copy the dip switch codes, then make a $15 dollar purchase at radio shack or amazon for a blank fob. Set the dip switches to the same dip switch code and bam.... you now have a key to the woman's truck who you are stalking. Which is how Ken was able to advertise me and sell me all over Atlanta when I first arrived. They would wait until I was so exhausted I couldn’t drive anymore and would pull over somewhere and curl up in the back of my truck. They would open my door, blow phillip's recipe powder in my face, and Ken would offer me up to any disgusting pig they would find on the streets and then then record it for Phillip’s “show”. Essentially advertising me as a “prostitute”.

This is also how they did it in that gravel parking lot in TN, and also how when Susan and Lauren pulled up in their new travel trailers with my son I didn’t wake up..... only this time they didn’t rape me, they put on a show with my son and forced me to stand then under a scopolamine paralysis in a cell in my head and watch while Lauren stood there for an hour with a camera making child rape porn in such a way that it made it look like I condoned it and “sold him” and just stood there and watched and did nothing.... what they did to my son that night I will never speak of, or perhaps I will be able to once I heal enough. Not that it matters anyways.... they used the film as another nail in the coffin to frame me for their “federal discovery investigation”....

When the federal prosecutor found out they were furious, but what in essense were they supposed to do? Scrap a almost 7 year “investigation” and all that work and money? So Lauren got a “federal pardon” for essentially standing there with a camera for an hour while my son was brutally raped in a gravel parking lot in a shit hole town in TN. They told him "this is what your mommy wants for your", they have been for years. Which is the REAL reason my son is "so terrified of me".

Because after all, Phillip needed his “show”, and that class of pig trash from quantico needed their “training exercise”.

Oh there are other events in TN that I will go into shortly, Lauren catching me sleeping in a state park and sticking an IV bag of saline in my neck lying telling everyone she “infected me with HIV”, and then Phil’s “show” in Nashville where he brought his entire company and they paraded me around scopolamined and filthy after not letting me shower or wax for weeks or even dress. That pig stood there in front of the entire family for his “show” and told me “he could have been such a good husband to me....” then they put me up on a stage and let a bunch of filth bid on me, what was once at 14k went down to $10 dollars after Lauren pointed out an ingrown hair that she claimed was herpes. Then of course there was Sheena and Laurens home video of my vagina after they hadn’t let me shower or wax for weeks or let me get any medical care after the abuses as rapes so they could show everyone how disgusting and tore up my vagina was, because gawd forbid those pictures ken posted of me pretty, and young looking, and waxed, and “tight as a virgin”, and gorgeous on fetlife were actually “real”.

Such is the fate of a woman when the abuse cult sorority sees a woman as “competition” and wants to keep control of the inheritance. How else would they fund their shopping trips in Paris?

Still, none of it cuts as deep as what they did to my son that night in that gavel parking lot in hell TN. And after a federal prosecutor gives a full pardon what is a woman with no resources, no friends, no family, and barely any money, starved and exhausted supposed to do?

I only made it out of TN alive because I crossed the state line to GA literally 20 minutes before they got to me. Which meant they no longer had any jurisdiction and needed “more paperwork”. I'm sure the federal prosecutor just loooooved that.


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