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The "adult foster care" sex trafficking scam 101

“But how!?” They keep asking….

You know, it’s reeeealy frustrating as a victim to have to do the work for you.

The foster care system of course.

In 2019 Phillip started emailing me through fetlife. I still have screenshots of those conversations. So does Kenoyer and Cripple Creek PD and Denver PD and the FBI. I turned them all in.

Did you know in Colorado it only takes like a 30 hour class to become a “registered adult foster care provider”?

How else do you think they erase the women they sex traffick. How else do you think trash like Lauren, and Sheena, and Cristina, and Susan pass around all the money and “full authority”?

In 2019 Phillip wrote to me bragging about his plan to use and abuse women and have them them declared legally incompetent. Then he alienates them from their family the same way he and Susan did. Then trash like Susan “just can’t take the abuse anymore” and passes the woman off already declared legally incompetent to one of these “adult foster care providers” of the cult’s choosing. The state even literally PAYS them for “taking care of these women”. They get to control everything. The doctors they see, the medications they get, the food they get, the clothes they wear…. And who they sell them to.

Oh I have all Phillip’s messages bragging about it.

Why is this so hard for you doughnut eaters who are supppppose to “be more trained” than a victim????

Sex traffick and torture and abuse a woman for years, when they’re done with her they have her declared legally incompetent by their families and pay them off to do so. Then the families take an additional payout and trash like Dan gets his gold mines and Susan gets her gambling sprees and Ducre gets his new truck.

And these sex trafficking victims get erased. And the very people who destroyed them keep them drugged, incapacitated, and ultimately erase them. And the state gives them a monthly stipend to do it. Then when they’re totally finished with them they toss them in a hospice.

Is it because Phillip bragged about all his “friends in the CIA?” Is THAT why you powdered sugar sniffing doughnut fuck holes refuse to use your brains that taxpayers literally PAY you to use?

Learn your own history, you untrained space monkeys. Because I’m about to hand it all over.

No worries though.

Your pig skank Lauren got a “fashion show”.


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