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The Blue Wall of Silence Pt WTF!!!!


After them finally allowing me to make a report on July 26th, 2016 in 2019.....

And me filing a formal records request almost a full year ago in writing as per their records department regulations.

This is how MPD wrote up a drugged sex trafficking kidnapping and 8 hour torture. Party witness by over 50 people. Time, dates locations, names given by the victim (me), and the attempted murder afterward.

Which they finally just today. December 18th, 2023 sent me this police report on.

Of course not Satterfield, how could you interview a bunch of drugged out psychopaths following me across the country.

I can pull up Todd's military and employment record and social media pages and you can't find a thing on him?

WHO TRAINED YOU or are you specifically HIDING them for "DONATIONS"?????

In regards to the attachment... MY experience, MY trauma, MY report, MY constitutional papers, and MY question... Why the FUK has no one done anything about this when It's literally all over the internet and the "whole family watches it"?????

Gee, I wonderr WHY "she didn't show up for the court hearing" that no one even served me paperwork for because the assholes you never even spoke to were being reported in Greenlake drugging and raping me there....

"Detective" Dirty Doughnut Satterfield.....

I mean just WTF ever loving satan in a tutu FUBAR shit is this????? THIS makes "Investigator" Moore of Cobb look like Homer or Dickens.

Oh, and I'm not even going to bother with the other 6 reports of abuse going back to 2014 MPD sent me over also. I'm literally making a timeline of this report fraud sex traffcking sick abuse "contest" across the country for the DOJ.

No doughnut for your today dirty doughnut satterfield.

Go ahead tell them, half of you dirty rape pig swine were there because wayne used to fix your harley's and knew you from his county days. Tell them about your departments "donations" Satterfield.

You might as well. Becaise I'm going again, to and already did.

Download PDF • 131KB


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