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The "Contest" Pt. 1

In many ways I suppose I hated Phil because of what he allowed. At first I thought he was tricked. The hawaiians, and Todd, and Tony drugging me that night and then torturing me for 8 hours and telling me if I didn’t “do what I was told and lay there and masturbate and smile my daughter would take my place”.... They paraded me out in a dog collar and a leash wearing nothing but a bikini….. And Phil just ate it all up.

Then after the trauma subsided and I started listening to the recordings I had made of the nights at that house in Haiku, and started piecing things together…. I have a recording of Phil standing outside my rental on awalau rd. him saying “I can’t marry a whore and a criminal”.... This was of course after Raymond’s promise of “protection” turned into a joke among all the hawaiians and Todd had been drugging me and taking me to rape parties for over a year while Raymond demanded I stay with Tony and complete my mission and no matter how many times I begged Mr. Kim my supposed “handler” for help he kept telling me to “be more grateful”.

Phil “needed a sacrifice” because Tony was blackmailing him and Todd, and Tony despised me because I was so revolted by him and hated him more and more the longer I was forced to be with him and he knew it. The Hawaiians hated me because the Freitas’ hated me and wanted custody of the kids which Chris had already signed over completely because he was too busy partying and screwing Brianna and had just pled no contest to his second count of assault against me, and they wanted me out of the way. It was that simple. I was white, they were “locals”. There is not right or wrong or morality or honor on that island there is only local or ‘haole’.

So combined with the hatred of the Hawaiians and Phil wanting to keep peace with the syndicates, and all of Todd’s filmed drugged rape parties, and Tony blackmailing them, Phil sacrificed me and July 26th, 2016 happened with his blessing.

That was the linch pin that they needed to humiliate Raymond and turn him against me. THey never told him about Tony’s blackmail and to this day I still don’t even think even Phil himself knows the extent of all that Tony did.

I never really hated Raymond either. In fact there was a time I loved him and looked at him like a father figure. My blood father was certainly never any form of “family” to me. He never even pretended to care until 2019 when he realized there was money to have. Perhaps it was simply that I didn’t grow up knowing love. I grew up in mental abuse, and rape, and my mother’s munchausen’s sending me back and forth to doctor after doctor keeping me out of school and causing me to be so mentally damaged that I was an outcast not only in school, but also in the family that was supposed to love and protect me. She made sure no one on my father’s side of the family ever knew me. Thief Susan met me once when I was 3. That was the extent of her relations with me until 2019 and we met up again for that family reunion and Phil said “well if her family doesn’t know her who would?” and he handed over millions of dollars and “full authority” and me and my two little children to a gambling addicted, abusive, manipulative, pedophile con artist who never had any children of her own, couldn’t even manage her own clothing business that tanked in flaming shreds, and used to think it was “funny” to lace my coffee in the morning with her Effexors because she insisted “she should be on medication”. How an abusive, psychopathic, addict, rapist pedophile that used to drug me and leave the back screen door open for my ex husband Chris and Todd to walk in and make drugged dog rape porn could have EVER been given authority over an honorably discharged disabled veteran’s medical care and well being is beyond me.

But then we’ve already discussed Phil’s “adult foster care” fraud scheme.

It became such over the years between 2016 and 2019 that Jhihong and Annie knew they could just drug me and parade me around and steal everything and all the “acceptance gifts”. Raymond was always “too uncomfortable to talk to me”.... Which is exactly what they wanted.

And thus Jhihong and Annie taught Susan their scam of ripping off Raymond and the family, and then they taught Cristina and Lynn, and then they taught Svetlana, and then they taught any other woman that wanted jewelry and new cars and anything else they could ask because they all knew that all they had to do was drug me again and show Raymond a rape video and say “she’s a whore that fucks animals” and he would always “be too uncomfortable” to ever speak to me and learn the truth. It became a racket, and all the women knew how to play the game, and they didn’t care if they humiliated their husbands and made them look like fools, or dishonored the family, or who was collateral damage. As long as they got to go shopping and gambling and have their parties the whole time lying to Raymond saying “she doesn’t want to be a princess” or “she’s so generous she gave it to me”.... Until finally Susan’s greed and addictions wanted more. As addicts always do…. And Phil came into town in February of 2020 and their “adult foster care scheme began”....

Oh I know where all the money was laundered in Colorado, and Laughlin, and who they gave it to and what they spent it on and what “companies” they “invested” it all into….

Until it all accumulated into Sheena and Lauren “wanting her turn”.... There was always going to be “one more time”.... Because Phil told them they could all “have a turn until they were finished” “all he needed was the framework” to construct a new LLC to dump all the money into. Such is the nature of addicts.

So I guess lets begin there, with how Jhihong trained Susan while pretending to be “her friend from college” to explain her presence in Denver with Todd…

I guess the very first time in CO was a combination of Todd’s drugged “show” up in Golden, CO and the Chuze Fitness on Monaco Pkwy incident where he walked right in front of my elliptical while I was working out one day and I panicked so much by seeing him there of all places that I ran out of the place without even showering….

There’s a police report of that with DPD precinct 3. But of course they never actually investigated, they were at Todd’s “show”, and Ed had just “transferred to Denver”, and they were too busy taking “equipment donations” from Susan to care in the least about my children or me.

To be continued.


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