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The "episode" in Nashville

The thing I never understood about Phillip’s cult is their complete obliviousness to their own history.

Phillip used the same tactic over and over and over again for his show. Get everyone in town all excited, spend millions on a bunch of gifts for my supposed “acceptance” party, let his sorority skanks drug, starve and poison me for weeks before the show so I looked and smelled like crap, never tell me about the “party”, never invite me, and then scopolamine me the night of and parade me around so everyone is so mortified by “my” supposed actions of “she doesn’t want to be a princess”, “she didn’t want it”, and “she was drunk” all the hatred and the wrath of the family turned on me for “being so ungrateful” and “such a disgusting drunk”.

Ken never gave two flying fuks about me. He just wanted Phillip’s acceptance and his place at the family table. Phillips favorite tactic is the honey pot. He likens himself to a black science master and he’s also a psychological sadist. Emotional torture and abuse is his drug of choice. Ken never cared about me at all. I was never anything more than a "mission" to him for his acceptance. Phillip did the same thing to him by forcing him to be with me and "pretend to have affection for me" that Raymond did to me with Tony back in 2014.

Before there was Newnan, and Atlanta, there was Tennessee. Oh they planned a whole big “acceptance party” up there as well and Sven, and Ken, and his whole “company showed up”.

The aspects of Phillip’s “show” that they did not tell everyone while they were stalking me all over the state refusing to let me shower, or sleep, or wax, or take care of myself, or do laundry while they all lived it up in swanky hotel rooms was the behind the scenes tricks. The mental manipulations that in essence he was playing on the whole family. There was a reason I got that letter all those years ago telling me the Elders had serious doubts about Phillip’s ability to lead because he was too young and too volatile. Namely because he was, and he still is. Phillip’s ego, and his pride, and his sadisim, and his sexual addictions, and his “show” have always been more important to him than the family ever will be.

After I ran from Colorado Springs, and they put on their “show” in Oklahama City preventing me from going to the hospital I just kept running. In truth when I left I had no plan, no goals, my ideas, my only strategy was to get as far away from that cult and Susan as I could. Oh they made it seem like “Ken followed her all the way across the country to give her a travel trailer and her kids”... No they didn’t, that was Lauren’s travel trailer, that that abusive bitch wanted MY truck to use to tow it with. She and Sven’s “show” in Colorado Spriings at the safe house TESSA was federally illegal, and not legally binding in any way. I’ve literally filed police reports on it and I have copies. You cannot use your police department connections to let yourself into a SAFE HOUSE and scopolamine a woman and have her hand everything and rights to her children over to Lauren. Talk about federally illegal.

When I ran, and they weren’t able to catch me in Colorado Springs Phillip told Lauren her own “acceptance” was on hold until she “finished her mission”. Specifically, getting my truck and finishing me off. Phillip promised the Hawaiians years ago that when they were all done with me he would frame me and put me in federal prison, if he breaks his deal to the Hawaiians, well, they have enough on him and Todd and his cult on the west coast to put Phillip in federal prison for the rest of his life. That’s what happens when you allow yourself to be blackmailed. It never ends.

So they chased me across the country, threatening to break my back, and cut up my face, and shave my head the whole time, and I just kept running and we played cat and mouse all the way into Nashville, TN. When I arrived I hadn’t slept or showered for days. I was injured, in massive pain, had no medication, and hadn’t been allowed to go to the hospital. Lauren, and Ken, and Sheena, and Susan, and Jim had all been living it up in fancy hotel rooms, eating and sleeping well, and basically just waiting for me to burn out. Which is exactly what happened in Nashville. I made it from Colorado Springs, all the way to Nashville and finally just couldn’t anymore. Lauren had chased me all the way across the country and had conveniently “forgotten the arrest warrant”, which ultimately she never “forgot” she just lied about because she could never legally get one in the first place.

The “show” in TN was sick. But after the last one I spoke of in Colorado Springs where they destroyed yet another of my babies nothing will hurt more than that. So Phillip put on another “episode” which they made millions off of broadcasting in Vegas, and all over the country. Lauren and Sheena scopolamined me and made a video of my vagina claiming an ingrown hair after days of running and not being allowed to shower or wax was “herpes”. Ultimately, Sheena had cheated on Alex with Todd and had in turn infected Alex. And just as Todd had done with Annie all those years before, they blamed it “on the whore”. It didnt’ matter that I have clean negative HSV tests. Have all these years. Or that Alex was with me for almost 9 months and I was waxed bare the entire time and he never caught a thing. It was simply easier for them to blame and torture me for it. So Sheena and Lauren posted this supposed “herpes” unwaxed sweaty drugged and unshowered hairy vag video on fetlife as a way for Sheena in her desperation to prove that it really was me. I just got tested for HSV negative a month ago in June. I posted those results online. No one ever cared that those women always lied though. Such is the nature of Zhihong’s “stanford prison experiment” adaptation.

After that video they took me to a party full of people from Nashville. Sven, and Ken, and Sheena, and Susan, and Lauren were there. They paraded me out scopolamined, filthy, barely dressed, smelly, unwaxed, and completely broke down after days of not sleeping, not being allowed to care for myself, and running across the country scared for my life. Ken sneered at me that “he could have been such a good husband to me”, and admonished me for “what a disgusting drunk I was”. His whole company turned their backs on me in unison and a form of “show of disrespect”. Then they put me up on a stage naked and let the pig men there bid on me like I was a piece of meat. When the bidding went up to thousands of dollars Lauren pranced in with Sheena in theri fancy dresses, and salon done hair, and all their lies and showed supposed “proof” that “she has herpes”. At that the bidding went down to $10 bucks, and that’s what they sold me for that night. All for Phillip’s “show”. Oh there was tons more to it, but none of it really matters.

Prior to that “episode” Lauren made an “episode’ where she found me sleeping in my truck and they used their illegal key fob copy to open the drivers side door of my truck while I was asleep. Lauren recorded herself sticking a needle in my neck and emptying a bag of saline into my neck telling everyone she “infected me with Aids”. In truth it was saliene, I got my negative HIV tests back in June 2023 as well. But “ken’s greatest fear was catching aids” and that in essence gave him an excuse to show off to all the masses why “he couldn’t accept me”. Oh he pretended to feel so bad about it, and how “disappointed he was”. In truth that was all part of the show too. He never gave two fucks about me. Raymond had just told them all that “they did it to me so they were responsible” and they needed an excuse to not want me because “Ken didn’t want a woman that fucked dogs”. No one mentioned that I was scopolamined and kidnapped, and raped and blackmailed with my children to masturbate and smile and enjoy it or my daughter would take my place when it happened. Oh believe me I’m just as sickened by it as all of you. That’s why I’m celibate. It’s taken me years of therapy to learn that that wasn’t my fault. What would you do to protect your own child? All of it was under Phillip’s “recipe”, and from now on if any of you sick cult fucks want to berate a drugged raped woman for “being fucked by dogs” then I propose you allow me to use Phillip’s recipe on you one night and we can all see what disgusting heinous foul horriffic things I can force you to do.

When I ran from Nashville, Lauren and Sven and Sheena and Susan and Jim followed me of course. I called a local police department and reported it. A report that any federal investigator worth his or her badge could easily pull up. They found me in a gravel parking lot trying to rest and sleep, they scopolamined me again ans Lauren forced me to stand there locked in a cell in my head and watch and do nothing while they raped my son in a shithole gravel parking lot for an hour while Lauren recorded it and made child rape porn to turn into the federal prosecutor to frame me for supposedly “selling my son”.... When they found out I remembered they had to back off, and the federal prosecutor issued her a pardon for attempted murder, and making child rape porn, and once again mutilating a little boy.

Because Phillip’s “show” was more important.

I ran again, and they chased me all the way through the back woods of TN threatening to take my truck and my phone and break my arms and legs and leave me stranded in the woods and force me to crawl out for help.

The only reason I was ever even alive to make it to Atalanta was because I crossed the GA state line a little less than an hour before they could catch me. Which meant they “needed more paperwork” to operate in a different jurisdiction and state. And thus they had to back off and wait….

All of this has been recorded before. Well not all, much of it. I still have such a hard time processing it all, and even now I can only write of it to log it speaking of it and hearing it all in my voice is impossible. Which is what my doctor agrees is the best way. They all tell me to write. And so I do.

Then there’s Atlanta, and Ken and Cory’s “show” in the parking lot of St. paul of the cross church.

To be continued….


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