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The Family That Will Never Fail You

I’m always amazed when people look at me and ask me “But how? How is that even possible?” Trying to explain it from an emotional perspective is impossible. It takes objectivity, logic, and a view of the world that most people live happily delusional about.

I look back on it now after all the years of pain and anguish and lies and gaslighting…. One day it all just stopped hurting, then a little later while all the rage and frustration and feelings of injustice disappeared, and then just recently it all solidified into a solid core that lacks all emotion and simplifies it all.

They wanted to keep me running scared, drugged on Susan’s “medications”, always gaslighted always “crazy” while they all sat back and laughed about the “acceptance” they would never have granted me anyways.

Except I was already accepted. I still have Raymond’s letter. Tradition dictates that Phillip transition and accept all Raymond’s operators. For many reasons, mostly for the safety of the family.

Phillip didn’t want to follow tradition. I was a white woman and the only value he ever saw in me was my vagina anyways. After the two years of damage Todd and Tony were allowed to do to me even after Raymond’s promise of “protection”.... “They needed a sacrifice”. Ultimately they just needed to cover up the fact that Tony was blackmailing Todd and Phillip. I mean, how does that fly…. Tony was “in love with me” pissed that I wasn’t remanded to be his slave anymore, so he’d rather see me destroyed, so he goes to Todd and Phillip and tells them he’ll report them to the FBI if they don’t “sacrifice” me.

That’s honor for you. That’s also how Phillip broke “tradition” and refused to accept an operator that was already accepted into the family. Ultimately the FBI has been blackmailing them all since 2016…..

Tai Luk Shan = Chinese Triad + Scottish Rite Freemason

Ken jokes about how “he doesn’t want her now”.... In reality he never “wanted her”.... He wanted his “acceptance” into Phillip’s cult, and just like Todd and Tony before him he was willing to “sacrifice” an honest and loyal woman to get it.

Such is the nature of the “family”.

To be continued...


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