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The honey pot "princesses"

And that’s ultimately the thing with Phil. He has no imagination. Even his whole “show” was based after an old movie from Europe called “through the looking glass” and a bdsm sleeping beauty knock off book written by Anne Rice’s pseudonym. When Tony blackmailed Phil and Todd they didn’t care who they had to screw over to keep their own asses out of jail. They tried a million and one lies throughout the years to keep “the family” from ever actually speaking to me. The most popular was “she has aids” which ultimately kept everyone away and allowed them to sell and abuse me to whomever they choose, the key though, is it also allowed Phil to pick and choose “princesses” for his militia cult full of dirty cops and federal government rapists. They are all supposed to be allowed to “pick their princesses”... then Phil goes and poisons her and drugs her and rapes her or has her raped and makes up all these lies with his sorority of skank holes who were all using my trust fund from Raymond that was supposed to crack either “when she got married or turned 50” as a slush fund to go on shopping sprees and party with. That’s why initially in 2019 Susan was going around saying she “was looking for a husband for me”, then all the fake marriages and drugging and forged paperwork, and drugged rapes, and the look she cheated on me I’m divorcing her and keeping all the money thing started. That’s also how Phil made sure all the men in his militia cult would always be controlled and he and Todd could keep their promise to the federal government and keep their own asses out of jail. It’s called the honey pot. Same thing Phil made Ken do to me to gain his “acceptance”. You pick your princess, Phil destroys her, then you’re left with no other choice than one of his hand picked “sorority skanks” that he or the federal government wants sleeping next to you and watching you and there you have it. Same reason the whole “all he needs is the framework” thing came about. How else was he just supposed to allow who he wanted into the “family”. They’ve been using that “she has aids lie” since 2017 when Zhihong started it, and what do you know I still have clean HIV tests. That’s also how herpes got passed around “the family”. Can you say Todd fucks everyone even Jhihong?

Oh yeah, that’s right, none of you know your own history because you’ve all fallen for the con and manipulations for the last 7 years because not one of you had the testicular fortitude to speak to me without drugging me first. Exactly as Phil and Tony wanted.

Please,... it's just chosen stupidity at this point. Lauren started the whole “she’s not gonna live for another 6 months back in May” and she’s been drugging me and making me sick since. Same thing Jhihong did to Raymond, which is why the transition happened in the first place when Phil was so young and the Elders had so many doubts about him.

You know, you assholes really should have had the cojones to actually speak to me after you blackmailed me with my kids to interrogate Tony.

Phil says he “interrogated him”, but go figure he didn’t ask the right questions. Gee, how convenient is that?

To be continued….


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