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The "know your own history" "How"

Again I'm confused rape cult.

If you knew your own history you would know that what the Mexican's did in St. Paul of the Cross church parking lot in Atlanta was not the first time.

Susan and Chris did it years before.

Chris did it in 2016 also. I reported that to Satterfield. A report which he doesn't have either, but I have proof or reporting. Just like Kenoyer.

The Hawaiians have been laughing their asses off since. Watching you all repeat their abuses.

You rape cult swine are like watching a horror movie on replay.

You've all been repeating the same horror show for years.

So Phil could have his "show" and his "sacrifice" and bend over a barrel for Tony and your sorority skank trash could abuse me "until they all had a turn".

I reported all of it.

Just like the time in Denver when Susan scopolamined me and put a little puppy in my hands and forced me to break its arms because pedophile Jim had my son. While Susan recorded that to to "turn in" as drugged entrapment federally and constitutionally illegal "evidence" you cannot legally use.

You CANNOT drug and rape and blackmail an honorably discharged disabled veteran with her children and record it and use it as "evidence" family that will always fail me.

You should've done your job Noles.

See you all on the news.


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