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The Making of Raymond's Eyes and Ears Pt 2

In 2019 multiple key things happened that became the turning point and ultimately the doom for not only myself, but for my children as well.

I met up with my father, and my aunt and uncle Jim and Susan for the family reunion that year in February down near the Tucson gem show. Susan and Jim are what are known as “snow birds”. They leave Colorado every year during the winter for warmer climates. Arizona being their favorite, with a trek through Utah, and Nevada along the way home in the spring.

That year I met up with them and stayed in their trailer with my dog Annabelle. Oh they were nice enough at first, as most estranged family are. My father and I always had a kind of cool amicable relationship and we bonded over the only thing we have ever bonded over. Weed gummies I had made and brought down and the LSD he had snuck down that he always kept hidden from his wife Sara. We ATV’d and 4 wheeled around tombstone and other small towns enjoying the sights. Went hiking in the desert and all was well at first. Until Todd and Ed realized where I was when I contacted Ritchie’s girlfriend back in Boston to send me my things and they realized I was never coming back. This caused a panic, because I was never supposed to get out of Boston alive anyways. Ritchie had pronounced me dead at 3 beats a minute on his couch one night, and they carried me over his shoulder and set me up in my basement room in his girlfriend’s house that I was renting at the time to make it look like an overdose. When I woke up everyone lost their minds. Ritchie panicked when Ed cornered him about it and Ritchie lost his nerve and threatened to turn everyone in. I ran to Arizona, they found out I wasn’t coming back, and 2 weeks later Ritchie died from an air bubble injection. Ed stood there in Ritchie’s living room that night while I was laying on the couch with my daughter Madison with him and they forced her to watch as this firefighter and EMT pronounced her mother dead in front of her.

In Boston it was Jhihong that was passing the kids around. Telling all her high society friends “she so ungrateful, we take care of her kids, look at all we do for her”....

So Todd was sent on a “mission” to AZ and the first person he contacted was my convicted pedophile gambling addict alcoholic uncle Jim. My father had already left to go back home, and he had asked Jim and Susan if I could stay with them for a couple more weeks because of all the trouble in Boston and the fact that I was scared to go back. A couple weeks later Jim was staying behind with me in the RV while Susan went on her shopping trips with her friends in town. That started the whole “oh you’re a trained as a massage therapist? Give your sick old uncle a massage”. Initially I thought nothing of it, he was my uncle, until one day he slid his shorts to the side and insisted that I finish him off “for health reasons of course”. And once again I was stuck, I had already given my notice in Boston, I had nowhere to go back to, no resources, and Jim and Susan began bragging to all their friends “we’re supporting her”. Susan begged me to stay with them and move with them to Denver to “help them after Jim’s heart attacks” telling me “she couldn’t handle it herself”. I called my father bothered by the whole situation and he reassured me that “Jim was just messing around, not to look too much into his advances, don't’ tell Susan, and to move with them as they were “good people”. So, having no where else to go I stayed with them.

When we got up to the campground outside Laughlin in Bullhead city Jim and Todd got my aunt susan involved. They plied her with expensive shopping trips and gambling sprees, told her what a “whore” I was and convinced her to leave me stranded in Bullhead City. Susan came to me that day and told me they had “changed their mind”. That they couldn’t have me with them because I had a medical marijuana card to treat my PTSD and she couldn’t stand to be around the stuff. I flipped out, told her I would tell my father who smoked weed too, and Susan ultimately decided “okay fine, we can’t do that to Dan”. Then sara would’ve found out of his addictions and he didn’t have a medical card. Sara is a college teacher, and very very against drugs of any kind. She would’ve divorced him.

So instead they planned to take me to Denver with them, only Jhihong and Todd would accompany them. That is exactly what happened. Jhihong went to Denver with Susan and introduced herself as Susan’s “friend from school”, and Todd introduced himself around as my supposed “ex-husband from the military who I was supposedly unfaithful to”.

A few weeks after we arrived in Denver the drugging and the rapes started all over again. Susan and Jhihong drugged me and dressed me up in one of Susan’s depends diapers and held a high society “coming out party” for me. In which they paraded me around in nothing but Susan’s diaper and told every that I was “mentally retarded” and “see what good people susan and jim are taking care of me?”. Shortly after Todd started up the drugged gang rapes at Chuze Fitness on Monaco Pkwy. All of this was reported to DPD. They never even investigated thanks to Susan and Jhihong’s “equipment donations”.

Soon after that got passed around Susan’s new high society friends started complaining that she “should just put me in a hospice”. Which wouldn’t have worked because any real doctor that got their hands on me would know that there was nothing wrong with me.

Susan’s complaint of “she has something wrong with her brain” wouldn’t work because I had brain scans from Beth Israel Deaconess just the year before. I spoke with a neurosurgeon myself. I have a 4mm mass on my pituitary gland. I’ve had it ever since I was a child. Which is where Joanie got her idea of “brain surgery" from. The neurosurgeon at Beth Israel told me “it doesn’t grow, it doesn't bother you, and it poses no threat, it’s benign, and to just leave it alone and live my life”. The only thing it does do is cause me to wake up under anesthesia and drugs like Phillip’s “recipe”, which is how I remember more than any of the other women on the “meat list” that they pass around and abuse.

I told Susan I had these brain scans, so her plan was off the table. Thus next it became “we can’t kick her out, she’s threatening us with suicide….”. Of which they have no proof of because it never happened and I could never. This was the tool she used to get my father roped in and Joanie involved though…. That and the fact that Jhihong had brought my children over from Boston and they were keeping them in an apartment rental that Jim was using with his hooker Janie Gordon. Anytime Phil or Ed came into town for “inspections” they lied to him and told him I was living there with the kids. They trashed the place to prove “how filthy I was” and why “Susan should have full control”. The whole time keeping me drugged at Susan and Jim’s house and blackmailing me with the kids. Susan used to play me recordings of my kids begging to see me. Telling me that “as long as I kept my mouth shut and stopped filing police reports they would be fine”. That was around the time my daughter tried to commit suicide with a bottle of pills they had left lying around in the apartment.

I told Susan I was going to move out and get my own apartment. They couldn’t have this because I supposedly already had “an apartment”. So Susan demanded that I stay in their place and ‘watch it” and drive her car while they went on vacation so they wouldn’t have to get a house sitter. Effectively this just gave Todd and my ex Chris who they had started flying over unlimited access to me, and this was how they made gambling and travel money for their trip that year. It also gave Susan and Jim an alibi with supposed "detectives" from DPD like Brandy Thomas and Mandy Davis who insisted "susan and jim were out of state" so my complaints against them were "invalid and not worth investigation".

This was also around the same time they went to court and demanded “Susan have full authority over the money and my kids”. They knew they couldn’t get me to agree to that in front of a judge, so they used Jim’s hooker janie to pretend to be me and took her to court in my place in exchange for giving her a huge money payout. Admittedly, I can understand why the judge fell for it. Janie does look like me a little. Only she’s about 50 lbs heavier, and wears glasses and I have 20/20. At the time though Susan was lacing my coffee in the morning with her effexors because “she wanted me on pills”. And as is the nature of those drugs, and combined with the fact that I was terrified to go to the gym because of what Todd was doing I had gained a lot of weight.

To be continued….


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