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The "Personality Disorder" and Susan's LIES

First off, that "personality disorder" Susan claims...

If from a DD214 that she has no legal right to be passing around.

Second off, that "personality disorder" was because of a deal I made with my Captain at the time, Captain Kendall Card who I believe is a Vice Admiral now. Who I made a promise to that I would never speak of that encounter. So why don't ya'll ask him instead of pig trash thief pedophile Susan.

Not to mention, while she's passing around the DD214 that is illegal for her to have, notice the HONORABLE discharge you abuse cult pigs.

I have multiple psych evals, there's nothing wrong with me other than CPTSD that YOU stalking drugging rapist pig filth cults fucks gave me.

Third, they're right "Ken". That was "your last chance"...."homely drugged gator face" has left the building.

Good luck to your canoe.


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