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The REAL Phoenix Oeuvre

Jim and Dan wanted all the gold mining money, so they drugged me, forged paperwork, sold me, and turned MY company Phoenix Oeuvre which was supposed to be a whole health and wellness company into the money grubbing mining crap those abuser liar thieves turned it into after they raped all my clients mines. There's a police report on all of it in Denver. But Brandy Thomas was too busy taking gambling vacations with Roy to ever actually investigate. Just like all the other CID's.

I designed that web page. I made the food and designed and taught the classes. I designed the flyers, and the logos. I wrote the articles of incorporation, I wrote the bylaws, I kept the meeting minutes. I did it myself.

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THAT is why I never turned in my hot yoga teachers training paperwork. I was taught old school Vedic syle through the Pattabbhi Jois and Krishnamacharya lineage. Looking cute in spandex was never my concern.

"The History, Technique, and Applications of Traditional Vedic Yogic Practice Integrations as applied to Modern Era Yoga adaptations.

Taught from an anatomical perspective this 10 week course delves into each muscle group, organ, and chakra and how each Asana (pose) effects the muscular, nervous, and endocrine systems in the human body.

We will break down Asanas, Katas, and Vinyasa flows as they correlate to each.

By the end of the series, you will have a firm grasp on the awareness, modifications, and safety requirements for asanas and poses as they pertain to your own body, as well as be able to integrate the knowledge in your own personal practice, design, modification, growth, and adaptations."

Below, also mine. But Susan "didn't want her making so much money". So, she and Cristina and Sheena crippled me and refused to even let me work out much less do the 3 styles of yoga I've been trained in for over twenty years.

Then when a client told me that his wellness dream was to retire and find a gold mine I started scouting for him. The property acquisition was supposed to be transferred to the client after I finished the leg work. Which is why I NEVER mined any of the properties.

Drooling thief filth Jim and Dan just saw me with a quad I was using to property scout, and the fact that I all of the sudden supposedly "owned" gold mines and they wanted to steal them.

So February 2020 happened. They dumped a rotting locker of game meat in one Gruma and they blew up the other one at the races and left me in Denver drugged and sold and paraded Jim's hooker Jaine Gordon around pretending she was me.

Then all of the sudden it was "Jim's business". They threatened all my employees and clients, raped all the properties, stole all the loans, and turned my corporation into a pathetic placer rights wannabe Gold Rush fool show.

They ran it into the ground. Just like Susan and Terri destroyed my Candy Store in Cripple Creek. Oh "Susan was running it because I was too stupid".... How's the candy store now? Filth.

They're all low class trailer trash and I'm disgusted that I was ever related to them much less was foolish enough to let them back in my life again.

Now Jim and Dan stole all that money and wasted everything and they want me to pick up the bill and go to jail for their assault, extortion, fraud, and theft?

Hell no. I reported all of them. That filth getting away with it all these years is EXACTLY why it escalated into what that evil filth abuser liar thief Sheena did with my Gallery in Spanish Fort.

It's done.


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