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The "Recipe"

In Raymond’s time it was know by all the operators that scopolamine was a tool, not a party favor.

Investigator Bisset’s claims that “scopolamine is used for nausea”.... Are nothing more than another paid off “family member” trying to botch police reports so the federal government doesn’t take notice.

The real federal government, the ones he hadn’t accepted into the family and paid off were all he was ever truly scared of.

In Raymond’s time there was an etiquette code. Even among the most brutal of us. We all respected our tools and we never ever destroyed a good tool or weapon for “amusement”.

During his “missions” for Raymond Tony started stealing extra vials of scopolamine so he could dose himself and build up a tolerance to it. Which ultimately never worked anyways. I know, I interrogated him, multiple times. The only reason it doesn’t work right on me is because I have a medically documented genetic anomaly that causes me to wake up under anesthesia.

That was only part of what Tony ultimately blackmailed Raymond with. What do you do when your garbage man that takes out your trash tells you he’ll report you. Particularly when he’s the only one that knows where your trash is buried? Thus Phillip’s letter to me complaining that Tony “had them over a barrel”, and ultimately why I was sent on that mission in the first place. I walked because of what Tony told me during that mission while under the “tools” they supplied me with, and to this day no one has ever bothered to even question what Tony told me. Phillip needed his “sacrifice” more.

That is neither here nor there, what matters is the fact that even back then it was a well known rule that scopolamine, particularly they way we used it was extremely volatile and should NEVER be mixed with ANY other substances because of the catastrophic reactions it causes.

Long story short, Todd never cared about this, he was having too much fun dragging me around rape parties and hiding it from Raymond to make sure he never found out that his promise of “protection” was worth less that confetti.

Even in my earliest letters from my supposed handler Kim he told me more than once how important it was to never ever mix scopolamine. This was before we flew over together to “inspect” Phillips pharmaceutical companies in L.A in 2018. Go figure I still have those plane ticket stubs.

Todd never cared, Annie never cared…. And they all had so much fun mixing scopolamine with methamphetamine, and ecstasy, and viagra, and LSD, and any other substance they felt like experimenting with on their whims Phillip soon realized that mixed in the right amounts with the right aphrodisiacs and methamphetamines one became a helpless compliant nymphomaniac who was kept awake for hours with no self control whatsoever and had the sole focus of sex and stimulation.

This is how Lauren and her lies about “see how sexual she is” were born.

This is also how a tool used by trained operators became a party favor for Phillip’s “sorority’s “shows”.


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