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The "Woman of His Dreams"

Even after all I’ve studied it still completely mind boggles me that black science can be such a horrifically vicious and brutal tactic. It is an abuse that shows no outward signs, leaves no forensic evidence, and ultimately convinces the target to not only do the dirty work for you, but convinces them they thought of it themselves.

In Hawaii, it was Rich that told Todd he wanted him to “fuck me in the ass and then pull it out and come in my face”. Todd trumped him and wanted to show off by scopolamining me and anally raping me while I was blindfolded, then he forced it in my mouth, then when he came all over my face he ripped the blindfold off and I looked up out of the darkness to see him kissing annie while he came all over my face. I looked back and there was a line of men behind me and a man rubbing my ass. I whimpered and Todd told me that “if I caught every drop of his piss in my mouth he would make them stop”. Right as he was almost finished, while Annie was recording all of it she reached out and slapped his dick and she said “oops, she missed some”... and they cuddled on the couch in front of me while he let his hawaiian pig friends gang rape me.

Alex thought he was being unique when he had his “acceptance” in Colorado Springs. He had been complaining to Roy and Phillip for months that he “couldn’t stand to be with me anymore”, “he was so disgusted by it”he said the most horrific things about me to the men at the gym, and the whole time I convinced myself it was because Sheena and Phillip had drugged me and lied to him. What a fool I was.

They had been drugging me and selling me at Vasa fitness for months at that point, him using all the videos and pictures he made of us having sex to advertise me. He let Sheena post them all online and make clips out of them to satiate her. They were taking me drugged to bars, and letting strangers fuck me telling everyone I was a “prostitute”. Parading me all over Manatou Springs while I was staying in the hotel there as well. They literally rented out a hotel room next to mine and conned the front desk into giving them a room key. Which was how they were poisoning me and Sheena and Lauren and Susan were putting chemicals in my face creams and poisons in my toothpaste.

His whole “acceptance” and "Sheena's Party" in March of 2022.... This one was quite possibly one of the most hurtful, but not the most. I’ve already been through that one. These abuse cult pigs are supposed to have sex with their claimed “princess” in front of the whole “family”. Phillip told Alex that “he could only have one princess”.... So Alex, after doubling up on his testosterone shots that night forced me to kneel there on all fours and watch him go down on Sheena and make love to her, then when he was finished he walked up to me and told me “you only ever wanted me for my money and my dick, so why don’t I give you my dick one more time” “your valentine’s day present was taking it in the ass, so your acceptance present can be too”.... And he bent me over in front of the whole party and anally raped me for almost an hour. He took his time dragging it out, slowing down when he was about to come, and then starting again. Then he would start pounding into me telling me “oh, yeah whore, take that cop dick”... when he was finished he walked around and came in my face and sheena walked up and bent over and spit in my face and sneered at me and he kissed her not 6 inches in front of my face. He smirked at me. Another man at the “acceptance party” asked him, “You don’t want her?” Alex said “nah, she’s too gassy for me”. Which of course happens when one has been poisoned and drugged for months and then scopolamined and anally raped for an hour. The party laughed, and they asked him "what can we do to her"? And Alex laughed and said “I don’t care what you do to her she’s scopolamined”. And he walked away with Sheena and left me there.

A couple days later he came and saw me again at the my hotel room at the Manitou Cog Lodge. He feined that he wanted to see me and have sex. Truthfully I was so heartbroken and hurt and traumatized I had convinced myself that Sheena and Phil had lied to him, and that he had believed that I had willingly cheated on him. I was always faithful to Alex. I adored him. To him, I was just a "disgusting drunk whore" that he was honey potting the whole time to get acceptance into Phillip's cult. It was Sheena and Phillip that started the drugging and the gang rapes at the gym in the first place behind his back. They conned him one night into getting involved, and I was so drugged that he wouldn’t have even have known it was me if he hadn’t recognized the tattoo on my back. They told him I was “willing” and “wanted it” and was sneaking around behind his back.

In truth he only came to visit me that last time at my hotel room to take a picture of a pimple on my butt. The poisons they had been giving me for weeks made be break out, look horrid, smell horrid…. Just as Sheena and Susan wanted of course. Sheena wanted “proof” that I had supposedly given her and Alex herpes. No matter that he was with me for almost 9 months multiple times a week and I was waxed bare. He saw my std tests. But Phillip and Todd had him so freaked out he panicked over an ingrown hair weeks before. Then when Sheena caught it from Todd, of course I was the easy one to blame. Even now, I have negative HSV 1 and 2 tests in my name from June 2023, and even posted them online, and they still lie about it. Susan even goes around with fake HIV tests. They cannot sex traffick an infected woman, but it was sure useful to keep any man that would ever want me and botch all their plans far away from me.

So Alex came over an took his picture and left immediately after. I walked away from him that day without even kissing him goodbye because I was so hurt, and so heartbroken I knew what he was doing but just couldn’t speak it. He went back to the hotel room they were renting next to mine and he made jokes about how “I used to be tight as a virgin when he met me, and now I was a loose used up old whore”. I suppose that’s what happens to a woman when she was gang raped at a party just a couple nights before.

Then of course there was Sheena’s “ring match”. Alex used to always talk about “there’s something about the way she moves,” it bothered him... So he took Sheena and trained her for weeks prior to that supposed “fight” that they broadcast in Vegas for Phillip’s “show”. They made million off of it. What they hadn’t told anyone is that I had a sprained right knee, had been starved and poisoned, and not allowed to sleep for weeks prior to that night, and the night of Sheena’s supposed “ring match” I was so scopolamined out of my mind I could barely stand. She made me do yoga, and then when I started to get into the flow of it she made me stop so I didn’t look too good, then they made me wobble around drugged and try ballet while her friends and Lauren all sneered “you’re no ballet dancer”, then she wanted to “fight me”. So they made me fight her naked, drugged out of my mind. Starved, poisoned, and injured, and scopolamined. It was going into 42 seconds and the whole party was laughing when she finally got so frustrated and pissed she used a vicious shoulder nerve point to pin me. I had a bruise for about two weeks after that. Even took pictures and reported it. But of course none of the Colorado Springs PD police department cared. Most of them were at that “show”. They all bounced me around and told me "that's Manitou's jurisdiction". When Alex drove me back to my hotel room that night after Sheena's "party", he told me to “keep my head down so no one would see me”, and he did a radio call out over the police radio “all hail the new general!”.

"Why!?" you ask... because I promised I would never use it. And unlike you cult pig fucks from a special circle of hell I KEEP my promises. Besides, what was I supposed to do? Maim or kill a cops wife in front of a room full of dirty cops? We all know how that would have turned out. I still remember laying there that night and Alex standing over me with a pistol in my face and looking up at him telling him "I love you".... he gagged and walked away.

I suppose it's lucky for Sheena that I wake up enough under scopolamine to remember promises.

THAT is what men in that cult do to the “woman of their dreams”.

Then Lauren wanted her “turn” and the incident at TESSA with Sven happened….

To be continued…..


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