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What REALLY happened with sex trafficking 'Doug'

When I first met Doug, or “Guinn” as I knew him, I had listed a room for rent wanted ad on facebook. After the rape and sex trafficking incident at Ansyl’s with the help of Cobb County PD I was traumatized. They allowed him to steal my cyber security computer, my driver’s license, all my credit and debit cards, and my birth certificate and my SS Card. Lauren sneered that since “I wasn’t more grateful I could go be a whore on the streets”.... As is in my nature I kept working cleaning houses and lived in my truck until I could find a rental.

As is their nature Lauren and Ken and Sheena stalked me all over the place and much like a mouse in a maze, they closed off every door and every possibility for me except the one that they wanted me to go through so Lauren could lie and say she “had full authority”. Doug contacted me through facebook with a room for rent…. The place was an absolute shithole. I found out later that Lauren and Sheena had promised him a maid and told him that he could “do whatever he wanted to me and no one would care”. They supplied him with Phillips recipe…

As is always the case at first things seemed fine, then less than a week in he drugged me and raped me. From a normal person’s perspective the first question one asks is “why didn’t she just leave?” and go where? There’s no where to report it, they had a key fob to my truck which is how they got Cory and his labor trafficking and their show at the St. Paul of the Cross church…. There were no police to report it to that would help me….. The second time he drugged me and raped me I flipped out and told him I would report him. He called Gwinnett county PD on me and they kicked me out of the house that night. No matter that by landlord and tenant laws in GA I had a right to be there and he should have been arrested. They wouldn’t even listen to my complaints of rape. They simply asked “are you drunk?”... They bullied me until I finally snapped and packed what I could and drove out of there. Interesting cops claiming a woman is drunk but letting her drive huh? Lauren wanted me to leave my truck there that night, she had promised everyone a “show episode” where I was walking down the street homeless…. I refused, and Guinn was so panicked that I would finally get the cops to listen about the rape he gave me my laptop back and I drove away.

Since then Lauren has been losing her mind, and the “show” on May 28th, 2023 happened. Doug decided he “wanted me back”. “I paid for her I want her” he insists. In essence he’s a disgusting filth piece of trash rapist stalker that I utterly loathe and he revolts me.

He started calling me from a blocked number in June disguising his voice playing games. I recorded all these calls and reported them to Coweta County Sheriff’s Department more than once. The officer that came to take the first report told me “you’re in cyber security, you know we can’t do anything about blocked calls, will you keep taking the calls so we can try and figure out who he is?”

So I did and Noles got involved. She buried everything and covered it all up and lied about forwarding the case over to the FBI because well, you all remember the drugged torture show on May 28, 2023 with all the cops there and Ken’s botched “acceptance” so Lauren could have a fashion show right?

Then it became “well you’re still taking his calls it seems like you want it” from Noles.

Until I yelled back at her that “no one else was investigating, what else was I to do?!” “How else do you think I got all this information on him and finally found out who he was and blocked him yet again?”

Then he started stalking me on facebook, blocked there too.

Then Lauren got desperate because she “sold me” to him and “it was bad for business” and she and the rest of the cult trash started hacking my accounts. Cloned my phone, spoofed my emails, started sending out texts and emails in my name the same way they did with Ansyl and that supposed “threatening text”....

Now Doug is prancing around pretending, desperate, just like Lauren is….

And the thing is….

I’m doing exactly what the federal government told me to do, recording and documenting it all.

If no one else is going to do anything then fine, I’ll build the case for them and hand it to them on a silver platter.

I’m a cyber security student with specializations in criminal forensics and homeland security and intelligence.

If I can handle my own case, especially one this foul and horrific, then there is no other case on the planet that they could ever throw at me that would ever make me flinch.

And that’s what keeps me going.

So who else wants to get handed in with sex trafficking Lauren and Sheena and Phil and disgusting filth pig Doug and the rest of the dirty cops?

Because that’s where we’re at.

Oh, and I’m not homeless you morons.

You people really need to stop listening to that manipulative scandalous loser lying trailer trash Lauren and pedophile pig Susan.


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